Aduburyus was a Sparta remixer that joined in 2010.

He made many popular Sparta bases (Sparta Collab Mix, Sparta Inspiration Mix, Sparta Madhouse Mix XYE, etc.) and was an inspiration to many Sparta remixers because of his originality and unique ideas.

His Sparta remix channel is deleted, but this one is still up for some reason. He used to be active on Discord.

Aduburyus passed away on December 2019 at age 22, and his death was confirmed by Hamburgaga on July 10, 2020.[1]


In 2011, he started with a channel called XlethYireh. He got help from knikeo to repeat HeyItsDanFromCp's freestyle. After he met chapzo99 and GringoHisopo1993, he improved a lot more and started using more freestyles.


In 2012, Adu still had problems with timing, and he didn't have knowledge of the Vegas video editor's ruler and the 140-BPM trick. Using some tutorials (with bad timing), he made some more remixes. He improved overtime and participated a lot of Sparta duels with the most popular Sparta remixers of that time, including KingSpartaX37, chapzo99, GringoHisopo1993, Zozey1231, and mrunknown194.

After finishing those duels, he got help from GringoHisopo1993 and finally learned how to do correct pitch shifting. After a lot of experiments, he finally learned the awesomeness pitch pattern. He was the third Sparta remixer to do the Awesomeness on a Sparta remix (MirrorImage98 was first and GringoHisopo1993 the second).

Since then, he continued improving and doing new things for Sparta remixes.


From November to December 2012, Adu started issuing copyright strikes to people who reuploaded his old videos and used the Sparta Xleth Base. He started being hated for these reasons, and he stopped making remixes because of this incident.

In February 2013, he made a secret account called Aduburyus. He used it to make Sparta remixes and to "clean" his name. He revealed that he was Aduburyus on July 8, 2013. With that channel, Adu implemented the new Sparta remix style that is commonly used today.

He insisted on NO COPIES for freestyles and he also said that the other remixes similar to his remixes with the Sonic franchise characters were just pure unoriginal copies. He motivated sparta remixers to be original and to improve scratching freestyles this way.

Aduburyus made Sparta remixes that inspired many remixers to do the same back in 2013.


The Best Pinhead Sparta Remix On Youtube!!!

The Best Pinhead Sparta Remix On Youtube!!!

In 2013, Aduburyus continued practicing improving his freestyles, pitch shifting, scratching and visuals. He made "Beadon - Sparta Remix", which was considered to be the first sparta remix with actual visuals (no 3D visuals).

He made a visual preview of Pinhead - Sparta Madhouse XYE Remix in January 2014. At that time, it was completely mindblowing to many people. He only finished the audio because he was lazy to do any "epic" visuals.

He also made the first Sparta remix accepted by YTPMV Community, which was a big step for him. He made "Feels So Good v2 - Sparta FAP Mix", which was the first Sparta remix with 3D Visuals. Many people wanted that remix finished, however he announced that he didn't want to because the source is overused, and when he introduced complex visuals too many people borrowed the idea of having those in their remixes.

Later on in the year, he released a new collaboration "Spongebob Excercising - Sparta Collab Mix", featuring him, Geezer, JVids24, and neroultimo10. Once again, he gained back his popularity once more. He then did a collab with a beginner remixer named Thario as a response to the people who called him the worst remixer. His collab part was also very inspirational as he created an original 4-note chord pattern that inspired many remixers. He also created YTPMVs on the side and joined a few YTPMV collabs.


2015 was Aduburyus's least active year. As much as he was still active in the community, the only current remix he uploaded at that time was a Sparta Remix titled "Unfinished9", which included original gross beat patterns and not pre-made presets. His opinion over Sparta remixes had been generally changing anytime the community did something he didn't like.

Besides Unfinished9 and his working unfinished 2015 collab base, Adu never really uploaded anything else Sparta-remix-related as the year went by. He would upload some YTPMVs, but not Sparta remixes because he said that he never got inspired to make something.

The 2015 collab base, aka BASEFINAL.mp3, was supposed to be an 8-minute medley base intended for a collab he was going to host; however it never happened because the base was left almost completely unfinished.

He planned to make something better than the Pinhead Sparta remix around 2016.

2016 onwards

Aduburyus only appeared multiple times throughout the years of 2016 and 2017, releasing only unfinished previews, until the day he closed his account without any announcement. He created another channel, but nobody else heard from him publicly since.

On October 24th 2019, A collab with Aduburyus and Hamburgaga (who used to go by EpicRemix 0_o) was uploaded without prior announcement.

Aduburyus, age 22, died in his apartment two months later on December 2019. The cause of his death is currently unknown. It was confirmed publicly on July 10th, 2020 by Hamburgaga.


XlethYirehHN Going For Sparta Remix Retirement?

XlethYirehHN Going For Sparta Remix Retirement?

Aduburyus 'retired' multiple times in an attempt to troll people.

One day before his birthday, he closed his main account and made an alt account called XlethYirehHN. He used that account but closed it on 2013. He used a channel called XlethXleth since, which was also later closed in 2017.

On April, 30th 2014, after 4 years since his first Sparta remix, XlethYireh announced his retirement from Sparta remixes, but that was a joke by him since he uploaded the Spongebob Exercising Collab.

Trivia and some irrelevant information


An example of him satirizing the community and trolling people

  • He used to troll and upload a lot of joke videos.
  • He satirized a lot.
  • He spoke Spanish.
  • He made Spartas with bad timing until November 2012, when GringoHisopo1993 taught him in a team viewer session.
  • When MaaxiiSTyLe made Spartas, he was his master.
  • He liked pizza.
  • He never lost a Sparta Duel.
  • GringoHisopo1993, KingSpartaX37, Teh93rdSpartan, Jastuk55, and MirrorImage98 inspired him.
  • He never uploaded videos in HD (the sole exception was the Spongebob Exercising Sparta Collab Mix).
  • He hated BFDIA, I.I, and any object show in general.
  • He was able to make pitch for YTPMV but he preferred to make Sparta remixes.
  • He liked to unlist or private his videos.


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