Copia de ATebar
ATebar06 (Tebar for short) is a Spanish Sparta Remixer on YouTube, but he also makes YTPMV's and some random stuff.


His first sparta remix was called "It's over 9000!! [Sparta remix]".

After that, he made a "Over 9000 penises [Sparta Remix], but the sequence was not perfect. He will remade it someday.

When he started doing Extended Sparta remixes, his epicness was not perfect, but since he made his "Big Booty Bitches [Sparta Trance Remix], he improved the sequence. Also, in this Remix he used a freestyle pattern, like Tachin's Sparta Trance one.


  • His first account was called "ATebarVideos", but he moved to ATebar06.
  • He plays SSBB, and his main is Captain Falcon
  • He has another account, where he mostly some random and funny things (talked in spanish), the name is AlejandroTebar1996.
  • His english is not perfect at all, but he will improve it.