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Audacity is a free, open-source audio-editing program used by some Sparta Remixers to edit songs and compose Sparta Remixes. Among programs used to create Sparta Remixes, it is not commonly used.

In Sparta Remixes

Audacity Sparta Remixers are Sparta Remixers who use the program Audacity (which lacks the resources to make a professional Sparta Remix like the 140 BPM Ruler trick) to make their Sparta Remixes. People from this group include marseye4802, Cole The Animator, TheProSpartaRemixer, Mycrossbowvideo, Future!Tom (formerly), SonicFans468 (formerly), biohazard434 (formerly), and WooperLooper194 (formerly). This group of remixers is not very popular in comparison to the much bigger group of Sparta Remixers who use Sony Vegas Pro or FL Studio.

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