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A Base is a custom Sparta Base that has been made by a Sparta Remixer, not by Keaton.

A Base-maker software is a software that is used to make custom Sparta Bases. If remixers weren't using base makers, every sparta remixes would contain only the Extended or the Unextended bases.

Base Maker Software

Programs are also used to make Sparta Bases. The following is a list of programs used by Sparta Base Makers.

  • FL Studio - recommended, bases are often made with this.
  • Reason - Another recommended software.
  • Sony Vegas - Mashups can be made with this, however, with enough precision, bases made with samples can be made with this.
  • Ableton

How To Make a Sparta Base

A blog post was made by Gage, providing step-by-step instructions on how to make a beginner Sparta Base in FL Studio. Part two and part three are not up yet, but will be linked otherwise.


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