El show de los once - Ana Sofía cantando (Sparta Remix)

El show de los once - Ana Sofía cantando (Sparta Remix)

First Sparta Remix

Un perfecto Sparta Remix!

Un perfecto Sparta Remix!

First Sparta Remix with better timing

Chicoesparta76 (or fg99ful) is a Sparta Remixer from Cozumel, Mexico. 


The first sparta remix was made ​​Ana Sofia Camacho, a character in "El Show de los Once" , Then was doing Sparta Remixes of My Little Pony and Trillizas de Colores, Also Ago Spanish versions of KingSpartaX37 and Roblox3dflash.

Rivalry with XlethYireh (2013-2014)

A Day chicoesparta76 uploaded a Sparta Remix of Destroy All up in Spanish, then Xleth said he did wrong, then xlethyireh said his sparta remixes stink 

after it was discovered that Xleth and Chicoesparta76 are now friends

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Banda Sinfonica de Cozumel (2014 - 2018)

On April of 2014, his father enrolled him in Banda Sinfónica de Cozumel (The Symphonic Band of Cozumel). And he's plays the clarinet.

In 2015, he appeared on television along with the band, and he said that he's already famous. 

On November 7 of 2016 he revealed his identity in a sparta remix. 

On November 19 of 2018 he retired from the symphonic band because he had conflicts with his teacher, since since 2017 there were many disappointing changes due to the retirement of the teacher Abraham Silva. Leaving teacher Joyce as the new director of the band

Problems in 2014

On May of 2014, a user pretending to be his friend Mr.ASpartaX37 began to bother him, but after a user group called "Los Trolls Superiores" (The Trolls Superiors) have been bothering him and his friend. However, almost at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 he devoted criticism.

On July of 2014, he met his hater called: Gearloquendo1236. A user who is dedicated to annoy people of his country, and even liked multiaccounts stealin created false identity to annoy their friends. Also, he has devoted reviews on other channels, but always loses

On January 5 of 2016, Gearloquendo1236 sent a message to chicoesparta saying he will not bother him again, and now he and chicoesparta are friends. 

Problems since 2018, Rivalry with Luke Satanas (Ellis Vega) and Kyo Knight Fandubs

2 people called Luke Satanas and Kyo Kinght Fandubs they started to want to get revenge on chicoesparta trying to want to hack channel their channel because they think he is very bad, although he is a good person.

They were friends with him last year, but they became very bad with him. They are people who try to bother him in each livestream and the worst is that they steal friends from him so that they are friends with them

Something strange and curious is that they were friends of Lady Taker last year, but they also betrayed her.

In April, chicoesparta had a friend named "Meli fandubs 2" but Hoodini tried to collect his revenge by removing her so that she becomes a girlfriend of Hoodini

They apart from bothering him, they also tell lies about what he does not do anymore.

Hoodini has also annoyed Denisse de la Fuente, according to what chicoesparta said.

In addition they try to rob all the friends of chicoesparta so that they are on their side and think that he is a bad person. But chicoesparta is avoiding that.

In 2019 Luke began posting on his personal Facebook account several of the lies that chicoesparta has made, lies that he never makes

In that same year, Luke has been falsifying the account of him to annoy other fandubers, but he has also falsified the account of a girl who was a subscriber of the call BLINKLoverForever using it to annoy the fandubers as well. More information in this video:

David Fandubs (2017 - Present)

On January of 2017, He has created a new channel called: "David Fandubs By chicoesparta76". In that channel, he will upload fandubs.

-Primer Fandub- Hawk Moth (Fandub Latino)

-Primer Fandub- Hawk Moth (Fandub Latino)

First fandub