Cloverbeatme1 is a sparta remixer

Begining to End

Cloverbeatme1 joined on October 18, 2009 and his first video was

and then he made a FAIL sparta remix with The Cloverfield monsters roar but messed up on it then he made Godzilla videos until he made another sparta remix 2 months after his first one

but he called it his first and then later deleted his real first one and then posted another one

near the end of 2009 he posted a THIS IS PATRICK sparta remix and got a poor rating

and posted a joke verison

and then got sony vegas but still failed

and made and made 3 more before he got the timing right

and then posted his remix that leaded him to focus on sparta remixes

and then many more were to come

and then got the Extended Sparta Base and made his latest sparta remixes