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Sparta Remix Epicness Tutorial

Sparta Remix Epicness Tutorial

Epicness (formerly known as OMG TEH EPICNESS, the spinning text) is a pattern that takes place following the chorus section after the Dundundenden and following the chorus section after the Madness. This pattern is known for being one of the hardest patterns to recreate in 2010 because, in most Sparta Remixes, the method to get perfect timing was not widely known, even though there were some tutorials on it at that time. If you are looking for the Epicness freestyles, they can be found here.


  • # = Pitch shift it # semitones higher
  • -# = Pitch shift it # semitones lower
  • ** or *** = 4th note
  • * = 8th note
  • 0 = 16th note
  • _ = 16th space/rest
  • ' = 32nd note
  • / = 32nd space/rest

Epicness Pattern



AQ206's Version


NotepadOfficial2018's Version

  • Pitch shift starts at "2/2/2/2/" in AQ206's pattern. It will be like this:
  • 0/1/-1/-2/
  • There you have it!

Pitch Pattern

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