gamma3adhexius (pron. ˌgæmʌθri:ædˈhi:ʃi:əs or ˌgæmʌθri:ædˈheksi:əs) is a retired Sparta Remixer and YTPMVer. He also created the Sparta Night Base, the Sparta Judgment Base, and the Gamma's Creations Base. His close connections in the scene included Mechanic1c, cyanrazorCel, and jedi787plus. He also held a Sparta Remix contest, mercilessly judging every submission with timing as the sole criterion.


gamma3adhexius started making Sparta Remixes in 2008 when he was 13, starting with the Yes My Liege Sparta Remix. Notorious for its complete lack of attention to the timing, it received countless negative comments, but he continued making more in that style because other users were getting away with it and he only had WMM. Later on, inspired by Mechanic1c, he picked up Sony Vegas and began making higher quality remixes. The pinnacle of his Sparta Remix career was marked by The Legendary Birds Supdawg Creations Mix from 2009, combining his favorite base, preference for sound effect Sparta Remixes, interest in Pokémon, and relative skill with Sony Vegas. His downfall came when he tried to split his channel up into gamma3adytp, gamma3adpokemon, and gamma3adcetera, aiming to not fill people's subscription boxes with videos they weren't interested in. As one would expect, it didn't work very well. He later switched to using the channel Tombstoner28, shifting his focus to video game remixes and original music. He now uses another username.

Sparta Remixes by gamma3adhexius (incomplete)

Yes My Liege (Sparta Remix) (kept for historical purposes)

It's from Bowser Sparta Remix (taken off YouTube)

Dear Pesky Plumbers Sparta Remix (taken off YouTube)

Koopa Hotels Sparta Remix (taken off YouTube)

Your Majesty Sparta Remix (taken off YouTube)

Phoenix Wright EXTENDED Sparta Remix (taken off YouTube)

Phoenix Wright EXTENDED Sparta Remix VEGAS VERSION (taken off YouTube)

The Best Phoenix Wright Sparta Remix on YouTube (taken off YouTube)

HAAAAAAH! EXTENDED Sparta Remix (taken off YouTube)

What if gamma3adhexius made the original Sparta Mix?

Boss Battle EXTENDED Sparta Remix (SM64)

Phoenix Wright Sound Effect ULTRA MIX

Lightning EXTENDED Sparta Remix

Richter has a Sparta Remix (taken off YouTube)

Richter has a Sparta Remix V3

I'll Take A Potato Chip And Eat It! EXTENDED Sparta Remix

Tourettes Guy - Bob Saget! EXTENDED Sparta Remix

Yes My Liege ULTRA MIX (improvement over the previous Yes My Liege remix)

Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into! EXTENDED Sparta Remix

We've Maganed To Avoid Drowning EXTENDED Sparta Remix

Team GR has a Sparta Remix!

Team GR has a Sparta Mighty Mix!This is Hyrule EXTENDED Sparta Remix

</p>Arceus has a Sparta Remix!</p></p>Bob Saget EXTENDED Sparta Remix V2</p></p>

The Legendary Birds Supdawg Creations Mix