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AlexTheSavior (also known as ~ATS~, Peanut, Aiza Hayes, Alex the Savior, PiaNO!, GLaDOS996 [1]) is a content creator that made sparta remixes and YTPMVs. They joined the Sparta Remix community in 2014 and improved in their content overtime. Their first remix was made in 2011 but hasn't started making more until 2014. They were born on June 28th, 2000.

Since then, they had four Sparta remix-related YouTube channels, two that were taken down, an alternate account titled "aiza hayes", and their most current and active one "AlexTheSavior". They used to upload a generous quantity of Sparta Remixes when they were booming in popularity but has then limited themself to uploading at least one video per month.

Since 2014, they have participated in and created many collaborations with other remixers. On March 6th, 2019, they posted a list of unfinished Sparta remixes.

On September 23rd, 2019, Alex came out as nonbinary, making them one of the few nonbinary-gendered remixers in the sparta remix community.


Alex has other friends and people they're associated within the community and likes talking to them or taking activity with their videos. They also like to get word of them out in the community to try and at least gather some attention.

Here are a few of them.

Sparta Bases

If you want to see Alex's Sparta Bases and original songs, we recommend you to look at the base archive.


In 2017, Alex hosted their own Sparta Remix Base Contest with s r, T Bird, and John Quacks. It was mostly successful, with ~50 base entries submitted.

Morgan Hathaway's base, Sparta Chill Base, won in first place.

The results can be found here.

Listen to all of the entries at once here.

Aiza Hayes

Alex's Note: I am not ashamed to be making this part of my wiki page as this is part of the history of my influence in this community. Word of advice. If you care about the honesty of others in the Sparta Remix community and want to be honest with yourself: Never do what I did. Don't make alternate accounts with different identities, and always treat remixers like actual people. This is also a sign that you can't trust everyone online...

On April 8, 2019, a channel titled "Aiza Hayes" popped up on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Discord, and began uploading content. The account, or she, had a specific identity and started doing community-wide things such as joining collabs, creating bases, and making contribution to the community as her own person. On June 23rd, 2020, after a community panic incident, it was revealed that the creator of the account was Alex themself and that multiple associates had helped on covering the account up. Since then, the account has remained dead and all of the videos will remain kept up.

This was first discovered by a group of people in the community, who had interpreted the situation wrong. At the expense of losing the trust of others, they created a questionable video revealing information about Aiza and used personal messaging info to create the final result. This gave false impressions about Alex's intent; It made the entire account look like a literal social experiment to fuck with other people intentionally, and it didn't help that the video was awfully thought out over months without any talk of who actually did it.

The Aiza account was originally created as an escape for Alex. According to talk from their Discord server, they were trying to move on to other endeavors but wanted to get their juices completely out before moving on; However, during all of this, the account ended up doing no good for their case and Alex had decided to come back on his main after talking with associates (They still continued using aiza for fun even after coming back to making sparta remixes). Other reasons also included that they had the fun idea of creating a brand new identity and having "her" interact with others to see if someone can be able to join this community, already having experience. It also showed a more public and comfortable feminine side to Alex.

Despite all good intent, one of the biggest mistakes about the actions of Aiza was how recognizable it is that people cannot join the community immediately and expect to get the workarounds with sparta remix on the dime, even with being taught the basics or advanced techniques. Other holes to this secret were that the account was made 3 years ago and people have already subscribed to it immediately. What also made things complicated was that Aiza started joining collaborations with Alex already being in them. This not only made things messy, but also unfair, especially since those spots could be given to other individuals who try to make their work stand out; you basically got two parts in a collab made by the same exact person. Fortunately, Alex had admitted (even publicly) that joining collabs as Aiza in the first place was a huge, terrible mistake on their part and they have guaranteed not to create another account like this again.

In retrospect, the entire incident proves that creating alternate accounts in the community, while it can be interpreted as fun & lighthearted playfulness, can sometimes be unknowingly manipulative and complicated. In the past (and even still happening today), alternate accounts were created by other people and have been used to disguise their real identities or to freely upload content without pressure (The second most prominent example being Aduburyus in 2013). However, the attempt was done in an incredibly flawed way and should never be tried out. Many content creators have the ability to be completely honest about their own audience and their own work, and that can include not doing these accounts. For Alex, this was an important lesson in their life and it's one that shouldn't be ignored or brushed aside.

In Wikia

  • In the Sparta Remix wiki, Alex is a contributor.
  • Alex is a bureaucrat. They are responsible for taking care of the wiki.