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GodzillaFan 2016 (sometimes called Godzilla or GodzillaFan/Godzilla Fan or shortened to GZ, unofficially TehGodzillaSpartan (TGZS)) is a content creator who mostly works on Sparta Remixes. He unofficially joined the Sparta Remix Community on the 9th of January, 2020/(Insert Date right here).



GodzillaFan 2016 joins YouTube on November 13th 2019, unknown to him that another "GodzillaFan 2016" existed, although with a lower case "f", other than that nothing really interesting happened.

He wasn't a Remixer back then, but more of a small YouTuber based around a Godzilla-like content (Mainly focusing on Monster Island Buddies-like content)



Some time after New Year 2020, GodzillaFan 2016 made his first Remix, during that time he was using Filmora.

Nothing really special happened around this time,


On October 31st, GodzillaFan 2016 uploads his first remix using Vegas Pro, "All Planet Sounds From Space (In our Solar System) - Sparta Extended Remix [WIP]", which surprisingly became his most viewed video.

The same day he made a rushed version of a "Sparta Risen Remix", which was supposed to represent his videos from 2019 through 2020.


The next day he made a "The Ottoman Empire | but it's Sr Pelo references" remix, which in the title said Valise, although the base he used was Valise V2.

On the 22nd he made "Yamato - Sparta Valise V2 Remix", the correct base name but the wrong Pitch Pattern, because he didn't know what an FLP was.

Again, nothing special happened during this time.



On the 14th he made his first Vegas Pro-FLS-Melodyne Remix, "[V2] Kaiju Island - Sparta Extended TTE Remastered Remix", which, like V1, was based on Toure Taylor's "FNAS Maniac Mania Jumpscares - Sparta TTE Remastered Remix", and his channel died again because he chatted more on Discord rather than upload videos.


On the 12th he made a V2 of his Yamato Remix, with the same concept of the BGM of WoWs' Musashi video being the pitch and Yamato being the Chorus and Percussion (*Percussion used 3 Yamato sources).

Sparta Remix Content List

This section has a list of all the Likely-Major Remixes, Previews, Collabs and Bases GodzillaFan 2016 made.


Remixes with Filmora

# Name Date Uploaded
1 Shin Godzilla Sparta Remix V1 9th January 2020
2 Shin Godzilla Sparta Remix V2 23rd March 2020
3 Shin Godzilla Sparta Remix V2.1 9th April 2020

Remixes with Vegas Pro

# Name Date Uploaded
4 All Planet Sounds From Space (In our Solar System) - Sparta Extended Remix [WIP] 31st October 2020
5 The Ottoman Empire | but it's Sr Pelo references - Sparta Valise Remix (V0.5) 1st November 2020
6 Yamato - Sparta Valise V2 Remix 22nd November 2020
7 Godzilla Through the Ages - Sparta Time Travelling Remix (Unfinished) 28th November 2020
8 [V1] Kaiju Island - Sparta Valise Mix 13th December 2020
9 Kaiju Island - Sparta Extended TTE Remastered Remix 4th January 2021
10 Shin Godzilla Sparta Remix V3 11th January 2021
11 GodzillaFan 2016 Over The Years - Sparta Risen Remix 1st February 2021
12 Godzilla Through The Ages - Sparta Extended Remix 13th February 2021

Full Release: N/A

13 Easter Eggarus - Sparta Unextended Remix 8th April 2021
14 Multisource - Sparta Lypocriptic Remix 15th May 2021

Full Release: N/A

15 Universal - Sparta Gamma Remix 22th May 2021
16 IJN Mikasa - Sparta Unextended Remix 23rd May 2021
17 [V2] Kaiju Island - Sparta Extended TTE Remastered Remix 14th July 2021
18 [Filler, No Chorus, Rushed] Estoniaball Animations - Sparta Venom TTE Remix 6th July 2021
19 (Early 400 Sub Special) [V2] Yamato - Sparta Valise V2 Remix 12th July 2021
20 GodzillaFan 2016 "Sadly I couldn't find the rest of the train" - Sparta Unextended Remix 29th July 2021
21 Big Ben - Sparta Extended Remix 25th August 2021
22 [V1.5, Still no chorus] Estoniaball Animations - Sparta Venom TTE Remix 29th August 2021
23 [No Chorus, Rushed-ish] Kaiju Island - Sparta Antimatter SDE Remix 31st August 2021
24 [No BGM, Nearly No Chorus] Kaiju Island - Sparta Antimatter Remix 9th September 2021
25 Admiral Graf Spee - Sparta GSC Remix 10th September 2021
26 [No Percs] HNLMS De Ruyter - Sparta Emerald Remix 11th September 2021
Upcoming Remixes
Likely Number Name Status
27 USS Missouri - Sparta GYA SE Remix No progress
28 Solar System - Sparta Triple Antimatter x Jyro x Káosz x Pulse V7 Base Temp Halted
29 GodzillaFan 2016 "Sadly I couldn't find the rest of the train" - Sparta Extended Remix Halted
30 Yamato - Sparta Rre Remix Halted
31 narayan23456’s Custom Sparta Sources - Sparta Extended PESE Base V4 No Progress
32 [Unpicked Source] - Sparta HSM Remix No Progress
33 [V3] Yamato - Sparta Valise V2 Remix Nearly No Progress

Status: Halted for now


# Name Date Released
1 Sparta Extended GZE Base 3rd May 2021
2 Sparta Extended GZE Base V2 30th May 2021

Likely/Upcoming Bases

# Name Status
3 Sparta Extended GZE Base V3 Proposed
4 Sparta Venom GZE Base Proposed


Working in Progress




  • He has quite a few friends (Non-Remixers will not be listed out)
    • Galaxy le chat Spartan - A good friend, although a mobile Remixer.
    • 20th Video ®™ /WS2007 - Quite a good remixer, although he's a bit stuck in 2013.
    • Some Remixers like Toure Taylor, Superibros_SR and some others are a bit in the middle for him.
  • His name is a combination of "Godzilla", "Fan" and the year "2016"
    • "Godzilla" and "Fan" could be combined to make "Godzilla Fan", as he is quite a big fan of the Godzilla Franchise
    • The "2016" in his username symbolizes the year Shin Godzilla (aka Godzilla Resurgence) came out.
  • He credits most, if not all, of the sources he uses in his remixes, an example of this could be found in the description of his 2nd Yamato Remix.
  • He is still mostly active on Discord
  • He was originally planning to move his remixes on to a Sub-channel using his unofficial username, but didn't because of the success of his main.
  • He considers his 2nd Yamato Remix as his best (as of writing this), although it has barely any views compared to his 1st planet remix.
  • Surprisingly, his planet remix(es) are his most viewed type of Remix he has made.