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iteachvader's avatar, ~2016

Iteachvader is a well-known Sparta Remixer, YouTube Pooper, YTPMV creator, FL Studio artist and voice actor who joined YouTube on April 17, 2010. He began making Sparta Remixes on Oct. 9 the same year, beginning with The Best Mah Boi Sparta Remix on YouTube. He has since made several Sparta Remixes and remix bases, his most popular remix raising over one million views and hundreds of subscribers. He has also created and directed a successful YouTube Poop series, Adventures in Hyrule.

He retired Sparta remixing in mid-2013.


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Iteachvader's channel logo.

Iteachvader first joined YouTube in an aspiration to become very popular. Much to his chagrin, his attempts at unique and intriguing videos were less than perfect. He rarely gained views, let alone subscribers for that matter. At the time, he was inspired by several Sparta Remixers who created some of his most favorite videos, including Teh93rdSpartan and Tachin1994. He eventually downloaded Sony Vegas and learned how to create a Sparta Remix himself. Because he was new to Sparta Remixing, his videos were not well made and were lacking originality. He has dramatically improved since then, and has gained generally favorable feedback for his work.

Iteachvader's Bases

Iteachvader has made a number of Sparta Remix bases which have gained quite some popularity over time. His first one being the Sparta Enigma base, which people began using excessively after its release. Iteachvader went through a phase of caution, asking users who employed his base in their remixes to give him credit for it. If they did not, he filed copyright complaints and had their videos removed, and in rare cases he had their accounts terminated. This caused several users to view his actions with great disapproval. Users including ChileanSolos and Lchavasse began harassing him for not letting them use his bases, and other users began posting negative material about him. Iteachvader made a promise which he eventually fulfilled, to be less critical about the use of his bases if he gained 500 subscribers. The bases have since been used widely by several users, including a few more well-known Sparta Remixers such as SonicFans468. His personal bases include:

  1. Sparta Enigma Base
  2. Sparta Ultra Teknik Base (mashup)
  3. Sparta Vertex Base
  4. Sparta Action Base
  5. Sparta Hyper Base V5 (mashup)

 Sparta Freestyle

Iteachvader used an ever-changing freestyle in his Sparta Remixes, changing from one style to another every remix. His styles ranged from rapid progression to creative syncing, giving his remixes a classic and original feel. The epicness section of most of his Sparta Remixes feature the original epicness pattern, while a couple feature his own version. His most notable freestyle is the one used in his remix, Fluttershy's Encounter with a Door, at about 54 seconds in. His most creative and craziest freestyle is in his Sonic Super Form Transformation Sparta Hyper Remix V2, directly after the main beat. After the second epicness portion, a slightly altered version of the same freestyle is used, which can be seen here.

Sonic Super Form Transformation Sparta Hyper Remix V2-0

Sonic Super Form Transformation Sparta Hyper Remix V2-0

He rarely uses the freestyles of other users, believing that using another user's freestyle shows a lack of originality and creativity. He began creating revisions of other remixes, but eventually stopped because of negative complaints. 

He has used other freestyles on very rare occasions, and only in his early videos.  It's easy to tell if a remix has been made by Iteachvader, because it sounds like no other. 

Other Hobbies

File:Jedi U R.png

Along with being a Sparta Remixer, iteachvader has a wide variety of other videos including a series of CDi YouTube Poops featuring the Legend of Zelda CD-i characters, YTPMVs, and remakes of classic video game BGMs.

YouTube Poop

Meet the Namowg-0

Meet the Namowg-0

A sample of Iteachvader's sentence mixing.

He is an avid and experienced sentence mixer, which gives him great potential in the YouTube Poop field. He created a series of Poops in a playlist called Adventures in Hyrule, which has gained quite a bit of popularity since its debut. He was heavily influenced by other Poopers such as Dinnerwarrior, MeStarStudios and MechaWeegee91. Looking up to their YouTube Poop prowess, he adopted his own style of Pooping to "accomodate" for his lack of Adobe After Effects, which he intended to download for use in the future, but deemed the program too tedious to use.

FL Studio

FL Studio - Pokemon HG SS Gym Leader Battle (Johto)

FL Studio - Pokemon HG SS Gym Leader Battle (Johto)

He enjoys making recreations of classic video game BGMs including StarFox, Pokemon and Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney Investigations. He listens to the music by ear and recreates it in FL Studio to the best of his ability. His personal work in this field is not very well known, as the interest of people had declined from the BGMs of these games.


His work making YTPMVs is met with mixed results, often ending with him taking down the video and recreating the whole piece from scratch just to appeal to a few overcritical users, whom he viewed as biased. What he lacked in patience he made up for in persistence; he redid videos in light of the fact that perhaps more people would enjoy a better made version of the YTPMV he already created. While this may be tedious, he has more time on his hands than he knows what to do with. 


  • He has a DeviantArt page, but almost never uses it.
  • He is Jewish.
  • He was an extremely experienced player on Sonic Robo Blast 2, decimating everyone who came across him in his server. This is an example of his skill. He used the username *Slider* in this photo.