TMApple is a Sparta Remixer/YTPMVer who joined YouTube on November 14, 2012. His real name is Jacob Miller, and he intends on producing his own music in the future. His birthday is November 14, 1999. (15 years old)

JTM found out about Sparta Remixes a few months before creating his channel, but did not plan on making any. The original purpose of his channel was to upload operating system parodies, g-major songs, chipmunked songs, and YTPs.

JTMApple has been making Sparta remixes officially since February 2013. His first Sparta Remix was "YOU MUST DIE" - EXTENDED Sparta Remix". His last Sparta Remix of 2013 and on his original channel was "Rainbow Dash - ¡LOUDER! - Sparta Hyper JTME Remix". JTMApple became inactive in September 2013, and closed his channel in November. In February 2014, he created a secret alt named shiningarmor916. He made incomplete Sparta Remix previews on that channel in early 2014, until he released "TEH BEST NIGAHIGA SPARTA REMIX ON YOUTUBE". He also made two custom bases. One in 2014 and the other in 2015. He also hosted a now "dead" Intensive Care Unit YTPMV collab in August 2014. JTM has yet to upload the incomplete version. JTMApple "returned" to reveal that shiningarmor916 was his secret alt. He is now reuploading most of his videos from 2013, and he has participated in a Sparta collab hosted by Matt Conagher (krit1k/Sweetie Belle/Thunderbirds360TV). His current main channel was a former alt that he made on March 29, 2013.

JTMApple has never yet reached a subscriber count above 200. Despite this, however, he at least is known by a good amount of Sparta Remixers. He has also made friends during his YouTube career, and inspired not only them, but also some n00bs that are referred to as "Sparta Kids", who are a broad group of Sparta Remixers usually under the age of 14 that act immaturely toward criticism.


  • JTM's first Sparta Remix was made in VideoPad Video Editor, but the program did not have the timing/ruler feature that is required for decent Sparta Remixes.
  • He used Audacity for his next Sparta Remix. Although it did not have a timing feature, he did improve because the program didn't crash or lag like VideoPad did every five seconds.
  • He uses Logic Pro X for making bases.
  • He uses a crappy MacBook Pro for everything he does on YouTube, but he uses a Windows 7 virtual machine on it so he can use the necessary programs.
  • He wants to build his own PC.
  • JTMApple is a brony, and his favorite pony is Fluttershy.
  • He lives in Sacramento, California, USA.