JVids24 (formely known as TheLuigifan007) is a British Sparta Remixer, he joined YouTube on June 2, 2009.

His real name is Jamie and has been making sparta remixes since 2010. His first sparta remix was "The Ugly Barnacle - Sparta Remix". In his early days, he made BBC, SpongeBob SquarePants (also the German dubbed version "SpongeBob SchwammKopf") and other Sparta Remixes. After 2 years on his main, TheLuigifan007, he uploaded his final sparta remix on that account, "Throw the cheese! [Sparta Endurance Remix]", and moved sparta remixes to his then newly made alternate account, Teh24thSpartan. After nearly 6 years of remix making, JVids retired on January 17th 2016 with his remix: "Homer has a Sparta Time Travelling EXTENDED Remix". Later he returned in November 2016 with remix "Amethyst - Have Fun! [Sparta EXTENDED Remix]"

His current account is JVids24's Alt/Teh24thSpartan, which can be found here. The old TheLuigifan007 account is now rebranded as JVids24UploadMuseum.

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