Jario (aka Jario943, KitsuLitsu911, and TheJario943) is an Sparta Remixer that has been around for over 8 years. Despite his Sparta Remix career, he also makes YTPMVs. He has an a couple of alts called JarioAlt where he makes some YTPMvs and some of his scrapped YTPMVs, and Teh64thSpartan which is his secret alt.


-REUPLOAD- Battle For Dream Island - Episode 22 -EXTENDED Sparta Remix-

-REUPLOAD- Battle For Dream Island - Episode 22 -EXTENDED Sparta Remix-

The first BFDI sparta remix from late 2011

Jario started on YouTube in November 26 2010 as Jario943. His earliest remixes were made using Windows Movie Maker and Audacity, but afterwards he used Sony Vegas Pro and still uses it. By late 2011, he made the first BFDI sparta remix. By early 2012, he had accumulated more than 400 subscribers on YouTube. However, his account was terminated at the same time. He was able to return as KitsuLitsu911. After that account was also terminated in mid 2012, he returned once more as TheJario943/Jario on July 4th, 2012. Since then, he gained over 3,500+ subscribers.
-YTPMV- Marsh on The Moon

-YTPMV- Marsh on The Moon

He usually uses BFDI, GameGrumps, MLP, and Inanimate Insanity 2 sources that made him popular. He makes YTPMVs that usually people liked because of the good sample choosing and melodyne.

Sparta Bases

Old Bases

  • Sparta Simple Base [Versions 1-4]
  • Sparta Circumstance Base [Versions 1-8]
  • Jario943's Creations [Versions 1-9]
  • Sparta String Base
  • Jario943's 8-Bit Base [Versions 1, 2, & 3]
  • FL Studio - Sparta Party Hard/Atlantic Base
  • Sparta Life Base
  • Sparta Hyper Base [V1.5] [Revisions 1-5]
  • Sparta M&L Base
  • Sparta Mario Kart Base [V2]
  • Sparta Phase 300 Base
  • Jario943's Mario Paint Base
  • Sparta Club Base
  • Sparta Jazz Base
  • Sparta Scratch Base
  • Sparta PWM Base
  • Jario943's Madhouse Base [Versions 1-3]
  • Sparta Inception Base
  • Sparta Soaring Base [Versions 1-7, 0.5 and 0.5MkII]
  • Sparta Enigma Base [Jario Edition] [Versions 1-2]
  • Sparta Fat Base [Versions 1-5 and Small Update]
  • Sparta Gateway Base [Versions 1-2]
  • Sparta BiS Base
  • Sparta Remix+ Base
  • [projecto] Base
  • Sparta Creative Base [Versions 1-2 and 1.2]
  • Sparta Weirdy Base [Versions 1-2]
  • Sparta Jolly Rancher Base
  • Sparta Sandstorm Base [Versions 1-4]
  • Sparta Strength Base [Versions 1-2]
  • Sparta Analog Base [Versions 1-2]
  • Sparta Aftermath Base [Versions 1 and 1.5]
  • Sparta Whisp Base [V1 and 2]
  • Sparta Kombat Base [V1 and 2]
  • Sparta Laser Tech Base
  • Sparta Blissful Serenity Base [Jario Edition]
  • Sparta DrLaSp Base [V1-2] [Jario Edition]
  • Sparta Hoppity Base [Versions 1-2]
  • Sparta Party Hard Base [V2]
  • Sparta Pulse Base [V1-V6], [V3/V6 OS]
  • Sparta Poi Base [Versions 1 and 1.5]
  • Sparta Vinyl Base
  • Sparta Kaosz Base [Versions 1-3]
  • Sparta Island Base
  • Sparta Sonic Base [Versions 1 and 1.5]
  • Sparta Bick Base
  • Sparta Nixon Base
  • Sparta Holl Hander Base
  • Sparta Skystorm Base
  • Sparta Next-to-Basics Base
  • Sparta Walrusy Base
  • Sparta Extended Base [Jario Edition]
  • Sparta MRiK Base [Jario Edition]
  • Sparta Jarmany Base [Collab with GermanSpartaRemixer]
  • Sparta Pekorio Base [Collab with Teh Pekos]
  • Sparta Midnights Base [Collab with CloudNinja]

Old Mashups

  • Jario943's Crazy Base: (DJ, Electro Pop, Spirit V2, Party Hard, Hyper V2.5, & Paystyle)
  • Jario943's Funtastic Base: (DJ, Elctro Pop, Party Hard, Hyper V2.5, Paystyle, Ultra, & Madhouse V3)
  • Sparta Beatbox Base: (DJ, Awesome, Ultra, & Hyper V2)
  • Sparta Club Chaos Base: (Robotic, Madhouse V3, & Paystyle)
  • Sparta Electronic Base: (Skycastle, Endurance, Heavy, & Spring)
  • Sparta Explosive Base: (Paystyle & Spirit V2)
  • Sparta Flash Base: (Skycastle, Endurance, Party Hard, Electro Pop, & Hyper V2.5)
  • Sparta Fullistic Base: (DJ, Power, & Spirit V2)
  • Sparta Hanging Off Base: (Hanging On & Falling Off)
  • Sparta Knock-Out Base (AKA Sparta Aerial Base [V1.25]): (Skycastle, Endurance, & Madhouse V3)
  • Sparta Live Base: (Awesome, Atlantic, & Spirit V2)
  • Sparta Plug Base: (Electro Pop, Alternate, Paystyle)
  • Sparta Quillie Base: (Uber & Trance V4)
  • Sparta Seasonal Base (Spring & Atlantic)
  • Sparta Stationary Base (G.O.D, Madhouse V3, & Endurance)
  • Sparta SteamRolla Base (Ultra, Electro Pop, Hyper V2.5, & Paystyle)
  • Sparta Zone Base (DJ, Eurotech, & Locomotive)
  • Zozey1231's Creations Base [Versions 2-3] [Jario943's Version]

New Bases

  • Sparta Teh Base
  • Sparta Quench Base [Versions 1-2]
  • Sparta Dance JE Base
  • Sparta Upsilon JE Base
  • Sparta Jar Base
  • Sparta Amber Base
  • Sparta Vegetable Juice Base
  • Sparta Radical JE Base
  • Sparta Metro JE Base
  • Sparta Nameless JE Base
  • Sparta Staircase Base
  • Sparta Rigmarole JE Base
  • Sparta Crystal Base
  • Sparta Emanation JE Base
  • Sparta Lafemore JE Base

New Mashups

  • Sparta Intersilon Base [Interpolation x Upsilon]
  • Sparta Amperex Base [Amber x Apex]
  • Sparta Unrigious Base [Prodigious x Unresolve]
  • Sparta Jardius Base [Jar x Clodius]
  • Sparta Ampaz Base [Amper x Topaz]