Jastuk55 is a thirteen year old Sparta Remixer. He has a debate going over him, as to whether he is one of the masters or not. Many of his Sparta Remixes, like B-17 Bomber, This Sparta remix contains all requests, David After Drugs, and Nuthacker Tribute: You are my Prisoner have gained him the reputation of "Keaton Jr." Some have even said he has surpassed the master. But others say not so, because of him often saying that this Sparta Remix is THE BEST when it is the ONLY Sparta Remix of that on YouTube. Take his Phillips CD-I Sparta Remix. What has really gotten him a lot of slack, was his "THE PERFECT SPARTA REMIX," containg no freestyle, no animations, and a similarity to the first Sparta Remix. Which was awesome, but was basic. The PERFECT SPARTA REMIX also had the description line "Am I Better Than Tachin1994 Or Wut?" At the time, he has 683 subscribes, a broken P.C. (supposidly,) and attention from Keaton, Tachin and Nuthacker, as well as having the longtime fan of Teh93rdSpartan (who did THE BEST NINTENDO 64 SPARTA REMIX ON YOUTUBE). He has a special passion for Nuthacker, and when he closed his account created a ruccus in the Jastuk55 world. On one last note, ironically, his first video is called "This Video Sucks."