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"✝Sinner: we are all sinners ✞Silent: not all sins can be publicly discussed ✟Scarlet: the blood of some Holy one crucified by ancient Romans ⁓2000 years ago… the ONLY blood that can cleanse each/​every sin in the world — even the silent ones."

Jedi787Plus (or Jedi787 or even Jedi for short or Silent Sinner In Scarlet or SilSinn or Sillia or シルシンナ or SilSinn9801 or SilSinn9821 ) was (is) a second-generation Sparta remixer most largely known for the "This Sparta X Remix Is WRONG!!!" series (involving Lex Luthor and his landmark "WRONG!!!" phrase) and some other WRONG fad videos and WRONG YTPMVs. He occasionally uploaded music from the 東方 (Touhou) Project series of vertical shooter games, mainly as useful sources for YTPMV makers (like MatrixMarioX). He was also fond of G-major audio effects and was a co-founder of the Touhou G-Major Project series.



Early History

Jedi787Plus joined YouTube in September 24, 2007, but did not upload videos until February 8, 2009 when he uploaded his first video (which happened to be a bad Sparta remix involving Adam Savage's low-pitched voice after inhaling sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) in an episode of Mythbusters). He followed up with other Sparta remixes, most notably the Hasta la Vista, Baby series (based on Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous quote from Terminator 2: Judgment Day), 599 US Dollars Sparta Remix v2.0 (featuring Sony's Kazuo Hirai's famous quote from E3 2006), and the original versions of Toda la vida (based on a song by Mexican pop singer Emmanuel) and Sparta de Chocobo (involving the famous cute-yet-fast bird from the Final Fantasy RPG series) which, although being bad and out of sync, gave him thousands of views and some sort of fame.

From Crappy to Epic: the WRONG!!! Season


This Sparta Remix Is Perfectly WRONG!!! (OVER 4000 VIEWS!!!!)

This Sparta Remix Is Perfectly WRONG!!!

On May 24, 2009, about three weeks after finishing his graduate studies at the famous Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, Jedi787 uploaded an extended version of Simonraical's Lex Luthor/WRONG Sparta remix, titled This Sparta Remix Is WRONG!!! and minutes later followed it up with another one titled This Sparta Remix Is Seriously WRONG!!! featuring GIF animations pulled from the famous YTMND website (where Lex Luthor is a well-known fad celebrity). Unhappy with the reviews he got, especially those from Supdawg444 and PoopSlammer, five days later he uploaded his very first nearly-epic Sparta remix, This Sparta Remix Is Perfectly WRONG!!!, which then started gaining him his very first few subscribers. This remix, although having correct sync, has an unusual chorus pattern:


rather than the standard one:


and a completely-strange, completely-freestyle Epicness sequence called OMG teh WRONGNESS because it does not resemble an Epicness at all. It was also loaded with lots of Lex Luthor/WRONG GIFs from YTMND, including some originally made by Jedi787Plus himself like the Dancing WRONG Bear and U.N. Owen Was WRONG!!!.

This remix spawned a long stream of WRONG remixes including This Sparta Mega Mix Is WRONG!!! (based on Supdawg's Mega Mix V3 base), This Sparta Church Rock Remix Is WRONG!!!, This Other Sparta Remix Is WRONG!!! (based on Tachin1994's Trance V2 base), and This Sparta G-Major Remix Is WRONG!!! (alt. title: This Sparta Remix Is Scarily WRONG!!!) (based on RAVAGE656's application of a scary/apparently-demonic pitch effect known as "G-major" on keatonkeaton999's extended Sparta base, resulting in the G-major Sparta base), all also featuring various WRONG YTMND GIFs.

As of March 9, 2019, the Perfectly WRONG remix is the second most-viewed Sparta remix (third most-viewed video overall) in his channel with over 150,000 views so far, in spite of its two weak points, especially the WRONGNESS part. His most-viewed remix (second overall), with over 170,000 views, is actually not a well-executed remix as measured against Keaton’s gold standard: his first ¡Chusma Chusma! remix, whose upload date predates the Perfectly WRONG remix by two months and thus suffers from timing and pattern issues. (His channel’s most-viewed video overall is not a Sparta remix and thus is not mentioned here.)

Mastering Teh Epicness

Nearly a month later, Jedi787 proceeded with a few other no-fail, normal-length remixes like I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own (also based on another famous quote by MythBuster's Adam Savage) and the third version of Sparta de Chocobo, which also featured Jedi's unusual chorus (although in the case of Sparta de Chocobo, the unusual chorus was very fittingly close to the standard chorus because of the Chocobo chirp's relatively short duration), but it wasn't until the extended version of Sparta de Chocobo when he came up with something very close to a proper Epicness sequence, although not a correct one:


Sparta de Chocobo, Sakaguchi Edition (Final Fantasy Sparta Remix V4)

Sparta de Chocobo V4 (Sakaguchi Edition)

x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x          

This same unusual Epicness, as well as the unusual chorus, was later used on Sparta de Chocobo, Sakaguchi Edition (the fourth official Sparta de Chocobo version). A later revision that went like this:

x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x          

was later used on 美々ちゃん、そのエロです! (Mimi-chan, that is too erotic!) (based on a famous opening scene from a controversial anime titled こどものじかん (Kodomo no jikan)) and the extended version of I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own. In spite of these minor flaws, Sparta de Chocobo (Extended V3) and 美々ちゃん、そのエロです! went on to earn Jedi first place in a Sparta remix contest held by InuyashaCutey, while the extended I Reject Your Reality and Substitute My Own won him third place in FartknockerStudios's Sparta Remix contest, thus starting to earn him some sort of reputation as a Sparta remixer to be watched out for.


Hello, I'm a Mac... and I'm a PC. (Sparta Remix)

Hello, I'm a Mac... and I'm a PC.

On July 7, 2009, Jedi released Hello, I'm a Mac... and I'm a PC. Here he used Supdawg's FL Studio Sparta Remix tutorial to achieve the correct chorus sequence and also the correct Epicness:

x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x

A later variation of this same Epicness that went like this:

x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x

was later used on his fifth and currently final version of Sparta de Chocobo, where he also kept his own unusual chorus variation because of the short length of a Chocobo's chirp. Then Jedi787Plus took a brief nine-day (or "⑨-day") break from the Sparta business, focusing instead on uploading Touhou Project music.

The First Cirn⑨sgasm


Cirno's Perfect Sparta Class

チルノのパーフェクトスパータ教室 [Cirno's Perfect Sparta Class]

Sometime during his break from the Sparta business, Jedi apparently fell in love with a weak Touhou character named Cirno, who is famous for being labeled as a ⑨ or a バカ (Japanese for idiot). So when he returned to the Sparta business, he stormed the internets and took everybody by surprise with a completely unusual, completely unexpected Sparta remix that could be as well labeled as a "WTF remix": チルノのパーフェクトスパータ教室 (Cirno's Perfect Sparta Class). This was technically a mashup of IOSYS's famous 2008 Flash music video チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室 (Cirno's Perfect Math Class) and a sped-up version of keatonkeaton999's extended Sparta base. This was also Jedi's debut video on his then-recently-opened Nicovideo (or Nico Nico Douga, ニコニコ動画) account.

Shortly after this remix, he started the first "Cirno Sparta" series, starting with Cirno's Mighty Mix Is Over 000!!!!!!!!! (which was the first application of RAVAGE656's then-fresh-new Mighty Mix base), continuing with Cirno Is Over 000 While I Play Supdawg's Best Sparta Mega Mix (based on the Mega Mix V4 base; Jedi considers it his second personal favorite remix because its Epicness sequence blended perfectly with the base) and This Sparta Trance Remix Will Be Flagged as a (based on Tachin's Trance V3 base), and ending with This Sparta Ultra Mix Is the Strngest!!!!!!!!! (based on MatrixMarioX's Ultra Mix base). Without access to expensive, sophisticated software to provide complex audio/video effects, he resorted to animating a swarm of circled "⑨"s to denote rhythm.

He also made a scary "G-major" version of Cirno's Perfect Sparta Class titled チルノの悪魔スパータ教室 (Cirno's Satanic Sparta Class) using a sped-up version of the G-major base, although this one did not turn out to be very good, mostly because of the detrimental effects G-major induces on the affected audio.

Further Growth and Fame: Achieving Perfect Timing

During the month of August, he took time to improve and extend some originally-crappy Sparta remixes: ¡Chusma Chusma!, Toda la vida, and Yu-Gi-Oh! You're Finished Yugi!. ¡Chusma Chusma! is based on a recurrent quote from an old Mexican TV comedy show titled El chavo; while the original remix was a standard remix, the remake was a Trance remix based on Tachin's V3, and it employed a two-sound Epicness sequence:

x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x

The extended Toda la vida remix is remarkable for using two different chorus sequences, one after another, thus ending up with

x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x           

and another unusual, completely-freestyle five-sound Epicness sequence:

x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x           

Meanwhile, the Yu-Gi-Oh remix drew some unexpected comments because of some users confusing "Finished" with "Finnish".

But the real winner of this period was The Hammer of Sparta, which used the famous Hammer melody from the Super Smash Bros. fighting game series. This remix was mastered at 59.94 frames per second, thus allowing Jedi to achieve the closest-thing-possible-to-perfect-timing in a cheap video editor that can only work with frame-based timecode rather than precise milliseconds.

Demonizing Other Custom Bases: Jedi787Plus's G-Major Bases

A bored Jedi demonized Supdawg's Mega Mix V4 and Tachin's Trance V3 bases by applying them the G-major effect, thus creating the G-major Mega Mix and the G-major Trance Remix bases.

The Second Cirn⑨sgasm: ⑨/⑨/200⑨


LOL I Blended Supdawg's Sparta Creations with Over 9000 Bakas

LOL I Blended Supdawg's Sparta Creations with Over ⑨000 Bakas

Still obsessed with that Cirno, Jedi celebrated September 9, 2009 (or ⑨/⑨/200⑨ as most Touhou freaks called it, or simply Cirn⑨sgasm as ShatteredHeartLynx called it) with nine different videos involving Cirno, five of them being Sparta remixes. The opening act was, likely unexpected, another sped-up WTF mashup: チルミルスパータ: This Sparta Remix Has Been Blended withLiters of Chirumiru, which blended another Flash music video (this time チルミルチルノ (Chirumiru Cirno) by Conagusuri) with a sped-up, spliced-up keatonkeaton999 extended base that featured three additional choruses and an extra Epicness; it was also uploaded to Nicovideo. The other four remixes were follow-ups to the first "Cirno Sparta" series and thus are known here as the second "Cirno Sparta" series. The two most outstanding remixes in this series are This Sparta Night Mix Will Turn You Into a (the first application of gamma3adhexius's then-fresh-new Night Mix V2 base) and LOL I Blended Supdawg's Sparta Creations with Over 000 Bakas (using Supdawg's semi-final Sparta base, called "Supdawg's Stuff" or simply "Supdawg's Creations" because it was a mashup of three different bases: Keaton's base, Supdawg's own Church Rock base, and some early unreleased project by Supdawg); the latter one is considered Jedi's personal favorite remix because of its background story full of software crashes, hang-ups, and his video editor's apparent unwillingness (or lack of cooperation) to render the video portion.

Jedi787Plus vs. RAVAGE656: the "NO!" Sparta Remix Soccer Match


This Sparta Mega Mix Denies You Nine Times!

This Sparta Mega Mix Denies You Nine Times!

Some time after The Hammer of Sparta, Jedi787 made the first multiple-source "NO!" Sparta remix, This Sparta Mega Mix Denies You Nine Times!, which used nine different versions of the word "No" from nine different media sources, six different choruses (four single-source choruses, one threeparison chorus, and a fourparison chorus), and another freestyle three-source Epicness meant to convey a threeparison:

x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x           

Like The Hammer of Sparta, it was mastered at 59.94 fps.

Shortly after he posted This Sparta Mega Mix Denies You Nine Times!, RAVAGE656 responded with his own "NO!" remix: Probably the best "NO!" sparta remix on YouTube. Jedi was, however, disappointed with RAVAGE's laziness on its Epicness (it was a single-source Epicness as opposed to Jedi's three-source freestyle).

On September 11, 2009, he followed up his "NO!" remix with Supdawg's Creations Have Been Denied Nine Times! (THE VERY BEST "NO" SPARTA REMIX ON YOUTUBE), most probably a response to RAVAGE's remix; think of this as an unsanctioned, unofficial YTPMV Soccer match. Jedi claimed his remix, based on Supdawg's Creations base, was this time better than RAVAGE's remix; however, one of his subscribers disagreed, some further discussion ensued, and later Jedi lost his very first subscriber (but then shortly gained two more).

RAVAGE announced he would make a second "NO!" remix, also with Supdawg's Creations base, to again challenge Jedi's remix: This sparta remix reigns superior over all other denying sparta remixes, tweaking up the base with two bases he won from Supdawg's Sparta Church Rock Remix contest (which have not been distributed to the public yet); it also happened to be RAVAGE's 1000-subscriber special. But again he disappointed not only Jedi but also gamma3adhexius and a few other Epicness-obsessed remixers, because he repeated the same single-source Epicness from his first remix; another discussion ensued, and YouTube had to disable any further comments on such remix.

Jedi at some point considered responding to this fourth "NO!" with a fifth remix based on another base, but instead he and RAVAGE negotiated a draw/tie, thus ending this Soccer match without a winner.

Jedi's First Unique Custom Base: the PC-98 Remix


This Is Sparta! (PC-98 Remix V3 OPNA Mix)

This Is Sparta! (PC-98 Remix V3: OPNA Mix), Jedi's latest custom base

On September 13, 2009, Jedi787Plus again stormed YouTube with another surprise only he could pull off: a Sparta remix using a custom 16-bit Sparta base he compiled from chiptune-friendly MML (Music Macro Language) into an obscure FM-synthesis-based music format known as PMD98 using an old MML compiler on a PC-98 emulator (Anex86 to be exact), the PC-98 Remix V1. It was uploaded that day at 6:09 AM Pacific Time, then he went to sleep nine hours. When he woke up, he saw that his new video had surpassed the 300-view mark in less than nine hours, thus forcing him to immediately publish the base for use by other YouTube remixers. Never had Jedi gotten such an instant bump in viewership before. He was, however, not satisfied with the cheap PSG (or SSG) percussion effects he had inserted on his case, so he remade the base by using better PSG percussion and changing some FM instruments and released it as the PC-98 Remix V2 which unfortunately was not very well received by most of his subscribers.

Later, he focused on once again improving his 16-bit base; he added three more FM instruments (two of them instruments featured on the V1 base but discarded on the V2), increased usage of the PSG instruments, threw some PCM percussion effects in, made adjustments to the individual FM and PSG volume settings, re-compiled it into PMD98, and released it as the PC-98 Remix V3: OPNA Mix to pay homage to the Yamaha YM2608/OPNA FM+SSG chip used by the top-of-the-line NEC PC-9801 computers on which the original MS-DOS Touhou Project games (which heavily relied on PMD98 music) ran. Its reception has been more favorable this time, and as of December 2009 it surpassed the nearly-1000-view statistic held by the V1 base, although this was mainly helped by his decision to set V1 to "private viewership" (he also set the V2 remix to private as well, even though nobody got to download or use the V2 base) to stop it from gaining any further viewership. Shortly later he made a minor revision to V3 to get V3.1, although he never published a demo video of it (instead he provided the download link to V3.1 on V3's description, as well as on this wiki).

It's Hammer Time!


The Hammer of Sparta MEGA MIX

【ハンマー】ザ・ハンマー・オブ・スパータ・メガミックス [The Hammer of Sparta MEGA MIX]

After he was done with his PC-98 V1 and V2 bases, Jedi moved on to start another series of epic remixes: "The Hammer of Sparta" series. First he remade his original Hammer of Sparta remix and re-launched it as The Hammer of Sparta V2 (THE MOST EPIC/VERY BEST HAMMER OF SPARTA REMIX ON YOUTUBE) (or, in Japanese Nicovideo fashion, 【ハンマー】ザ・ハンマー・オブ・スパータV2), initially as a response to FartknockerStudios's The Hammer From Hell remix, later as the last submission to MatrixMarioX's Sparta Remix Collab. He later followed it up with The Hammer of Sparta MEGA MIX (【ハンマー】ザ・ハンマー・オブ・スパータ・メガミックス), Supdawg's Hammer of Spartan Creations (【ハンマー】スップドッグのハンマー・オブ・スパータ・クリエーション), The Hammer of Sparta ULTRA MIX (【ハンマー】ザ・ハンマー・オブ・スパータ・ウルトラミックス), and finally Jedi's own "8-bit" standalone custom base, the 8-bit Sparta Hammer Mix. All these Hammer remixes, like the original one, were mastered at 59.94 fps, thus achieving closely-perfect timing. Unlike the original remix, these new remixes also featured some new sequences (mostly pulled from famous Hammer MAD videos found on Nicovideo, like Hammer of Nights and U.N. Owen Was a Hammer?) mixed in with most of the chorus portions.

October Is the Month of G-Major AIDS

During the last two weeks of October, he did two more Hammers of Sparta, albeit scary ones (most probably because of the Halloween season): The Scary Hammer of Sparta from Hell based on RAVAGE656/Thunderbirds76's G-Major base and The Scary Hammer of Sparta from Hell MEGA MIX based on Jedi's own G-Major Mega Mix base. He also made a 16-bit PC-98 G-Major Remix base, which he used for This Is Scary Sparta in 16 bits! as his final Halloween surprise.

These Old-School Remixes Contained Danmaku from the PC-98 Era

During the first Cirn⑨sgasm, Jedi also started a mini-series based around sound effects from the original PC-98 Touhou games. First came This 8-bit Sparta Remix Contains Danmaku from the PC-98 Era (a Sparta Mario Remix to be exact): it makes use of two different chorus sequences that follow the same unusual freestyle used on his Sparta de Chocobo series and an Epicness where "1" and "2" have been swapped around. Then early in November (immediately after the Halloween G-Major AIDS fest) he followed it up with This 16-bit Sparta Remix Contains Danmaku from the PC-98 Era, which like its predecessor was heavy on freestyle choruses and Epicness, although both patterns were fairly revised for this remix.

Unexpected/Unwanted Hiatus

On November 4, 2009, somehow Jedi787Plus lost his computer, along with all his projects stored there; he still refuses to explain what happened, claiming that the details are "too sensitive to discuss in public". Fortunately he still had a long-forgotten backup Lexar JumpDrive where he apparently had a copy of the Sparta Fun Times Extended base he bought from Keaton's World. When he got a rare chance to use again a computer (thanks to a very kind help from one of his former university friends who lent him a laptop for about 18 hours), he used up that chance to start work on the audio part of a new remix, which would be his "final" standard remix...

Return from the Hiatus: Jedi's "Final" Standard Remix


US$599 (Sparta Remix V3)

US$599 (Sparta Remix V3) (A.K.A. Jedi787Plus's FINAL STANDARD SPARTA REMIX)

On December 1, 2009, exactly one month after his 16-bit Danmaku remix was uploaded and exactly one day after he relocated from Atlanta, Georgia, USA to his brother's house somewhere else (he is too quiet/shy/private about his personal details and declines to share them with anybody else, although FartknockerStudios knows his real name and has a hint about his birthplace), Jedi787 finally had permanent access to a computer (albeit not yet his computer) and used it to finish his "final" standard remix: US$599 (Sparta Remix V3). It is an extended remake of his earlier, "crappy" US$599 V2 remix which dates back to February 2009. Here he again went his own freestyle way: the chorus goes "Fi-Five Fi-Five Fi-Fi-Fi _ Fi _ Five Five Ni-Ni-Ni _ Nine Ni-Ni-Ni _ Ni-Ni-Ninetynine" or


where a triple *** stands for a 4-times-longer beat ("Ni" thus becomes "Ninetynine"); as for the Epicness, he mashed up a standard one with the famous "Ridge Racer!" quote from Sony's E3 2006 conference. As with his WRONG series, he also employed YTMND GIFs on this remix, including his own "Go Ridge Racer" YTMND. He claims he might do one more final standard remix for his second WRONG series planned for Summer 2010 (essentially, it would be a complete makeover of his Perfectly WRONG remix), and then he would have officially quit doing standard remixes; but for now he says he will only do custom-base remixes.

200-Subscriber Special

Jedi787 celebrated 200 subscribers on December 26, 2009 with two old-school remixes: Tonight We Dine in Hell! (Sparta PC-88 Remix) and Tonight We Dine in Hell! (Sparta PC-98 Remix), because he had nothing else to do.

Current Status

Jedi787Plus was said to be currently working on some unannounced projects, including an upcoming Sparta contest that would only accept entries based on custom bases (as he claimed he had quit doing standard remixes). He planned to do more Sparta remixes and perhaps more custom bases, although he was too quiet to share any details about them (other than the second "WRONG!!!" season he planned for 2010, just in time for the then-upcoming movie Superman: Man of Steel).

However, sometime after January 4, 2010, Jedi787 suddenly vanished from the interwebs. No new videos have surfaced in his YouTube channel since then, and his status is thus presumed dormant.

Most of his videos, especially his Sparta remixes, are still available for playing, so his "dormant" channel can be considered some sort of a time capsule (or a museum of sorts) for those studying Sparta remixology.

dormant my fucking ass he is fucking still active, editing this article and refering to himself in the third person like they were diferent entities, grow up dude we can literally see the name merge in bulbapedia

Tools and Techniques

Jedi's main tool for making Sparta remixes was a little-known video editor called Womble MPEG Video Wizard. To achieve near-perfect timing and rhythm on his chorus and Epicness sequences, he slowed down his "1"/"2"/"3" audio/video sources to 1/16th their original speed, then carefully stitched them together into the 59.94-fps timecode, rendered them into separate slowed-down files, then sped up the rendered files to 16× their original speed (thus returning audio and video back to their normal speed), then re-rendered them into the official chorus and Epicness sequence files. In some audio-only cases, he slowed down and sped up his audio sources with a freeware program called Wavosaur which, like Audacity, works on precise milliseconds rather than timecode; this technique was used especially on his "Hammer of Sparta" series.

He was known for frequently freestyling with his chorus and Epicness sequences. In some choruses, especially his earliest ones, he lengthened the "1" and "2" notes into "1*" and "2*" instead of following them with "_" pauses. And some of his Epicness sequences mix in three simultaneous notes ("1"+"2"+"3") near the end rather than the standard "1"+"3" combos; this is more noticeable on the "Sparta de Chocobo" series and his "NO!" remixes.

For flawless pitch-shifts, he used VirtualDub, a freeware video/audio post-processor. For G-major effects, he took the pitch-shifts produced by VDub and mixed them together in Wavosaur, carefully normalizing the pitch-shifts to some attenuation level to prevent clipping when adding the waveforms together.

He rendered all his remixes into MPEG-2 video with uncompressed Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) audio, which is the preferred format in Womble. In most cases, he converted the PCM audio to MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) using Nero Digital's freeware AAC encoder and the MPEG-2 video to MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (AVC, or H.264 as known by VCEG and Apple) using a 64-bit version of x264, then mixed them together into an MP4 container using yet another freeware called MP4Box before uploading to YouTube; in other cases he preferred to feed instead the MPEG-2 files to YouTube and leave the MPEG-2-to-MPEG-4 conversion to YouTube, because sometimes YouTube screwed up his MP4 uploads (either it misinterpreted the frame-rate tag, thus bringing video and audio completely out of sync, or it damaged the audio portion, since YouTube processes video and audio as a whole discrete thing rather than first demuxing them, processing them separately, then remuxing them together).

Still, he wished he had US$599 for Sony Vegas Pro and perhaps a few more hundreds of dollars for FL Studio, Supdawg's favored audio editor/music maker.


  • Since some people considered RAVAGE656 as the next Tachin1994 (now that Tachin has largely retired from the Sparta business), Jedi787Plus considered himself the next Supdawg444 (since Supdawg is also retired from the Sparta business and Jedi was a staunch fan of Supdawg's custom bases, especially his Mega Mixes and his Creations base).
  • Jedi could speak English, Spanish, a bit of German, and (via Google Translate) could read/write some Japanese.
  • Jedi thought the WRONG fad was still alive, even though other YouTubers considered it a dead fad.
  • Jedi was known for despising MPEG Audio Layer 3 (MP3) as an outdated audio format, favoring instead AAC on MP4 containers (or M4A as is the convention in Apple's iTunes, even though Jedi was not a fan of Apple) and uncompressed PCM in WAV containers (because he cared a lot about audio integrity).
  • Unlike some or most Touhou freaks on YouTube, Jedi had (legally) purchased 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View, the ninth game in the Touhou Project shooter series, and 東方非想天則 ~ Unthinkable Natural Law, the 12.3-th Touhou game (third game in the spin-off shooter-fighting game subseries by Twilight Frontier). (However, his copies of the classic PC-98 Touhou games are torrent downloads, but that's because these old games are no longer for sale, not even on Yahoo Auctions in Japan.)
  • He has since 2010 been inactive on YouTube.
  • His true nationality was never officially revealed anywhere on his YouTube channel page (nor on this wiki’s servers), but a hint can apparently be found on this “tagged”-type video, most specifically at the 1:25 marker where many Latin American flags can be seen; this frame-freeze also happens to be the video’s thumbnail in both his channel and in YouTube’s search results. (A tagged-type video was a common fad during 2009, where one user told a little bit about his/her life and facts, then “tagged” a certain number of users; each one of those tagged users then had to also tell some facts about his/her life and tag even other users, thus repeating the cycle.)


  • Jedi787Plus's YouTube account
  • Jedi787Plus's Nicovideo (ニコニコ動画) account, where he uploaded Hammer MADs and Touhou G-Major Projects (note that you'll first need to register at Nicovideo in order to see his account, playlists, and videos, and AFAIK only MatrixMarioX has a Nicovideo account)
  • Jedi787Plus's YTMND account, where he has most of his Lex Luthor/WRONG fads in classic GIF+MP3 (or in some cases, JPEG+MP3) layouts
  • Jedi787Plus's deviantART account, where he has two interesting YTP and YTMND images (and some unexpected Easter Egg that was apparently supposed to be kept private but got leaked sometime after 2010 when DeviantArt was redesigned, and since the Jedi’s whereabouts are unknown, it is possible he hasn’t noticed this yet)