John Quacks is a sparta remixer that has been making content since 2013 and is still active to this day. Over the years that he's been making content that has drastically improved in quality. He has owned multiple channels throughout the years with majority of them gone by deletion. He has participated in many multi-part collaborations.

His current channel is linked here.

Bases Created

Note: The first 2 bases were made in Sony Vegas, but starting with "Sparta Base Prototype 2" they are made in GarageBand for iOS. Starting with the Strawberry base, FL Studio 12 is used (unless noted otherwise).

Majority of his bases can be found on his SoundCloud, linked here

As of February 26th, 2019, he is no longer creating bases.

  • JQ Sparta Base (from 2013 - early 2014 which is off timing and empty). Click the name to download and hear it.
  • Sparta QuickTime Base (unfinished and unreleased)
  • Sparta Horn Base (150bpm)
  • sparta base prototype - An unfinished sparta base
  • sparta base prototype 2 - An unfinished sparta base created in 2017 using GarageBand for iOS.
  • Sparta Memory Mix (sparta base prototype 3)
  • Sparta Spirited Mix
  • Sparta Sparking Mix (sparta base prototype 4)
  • Sparta Strawberry Base
  • Sparta Casio JQE Base
  • no bgm v2 base (coming soon)
  • (scrapped) sparta base prototype 5
  • Sparta Base Prototype 6
  • Sparta Overcast Base