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(Ruki) My sketchbook! (Sparta Caliginous Remix)

One of his highly praised works from 2020.

John Quacks is a Sparta Remixer that began making Sparta-related content since July of 2013. He has owned multiple channels throughout the years with the majority of them gone by deletion. He has participated in many multi-part collaborations (a playlist containing a majority of them can be found here), along with hosting 5 successful collaborations.

On August 1st, 2021, he has announced his departure from making all Sparta Remix content after releasing one final remix on the same day. The remix can be found here.

His current channel is linked here.

These are his main alt accounts:

Bases Created

His first bases created in 2014 used only Sony Vegas and samples from various sources. This changed in 2017 when he began to use GarageBand for multiple projects, such as the first version of the Memory base. Starting with the Strawberry base, he uses FL Studio for base creation and continues to use it to the present day.

Majority of his bases can be found on his SoundCloud or his Google Drive archive:


  • JQ Sparta Base
    • This base is from 2013 - early 2014. It was never officially released.
  • Sparta QuickTime Base
    • This base was unfinished and unreleased.
  • Sparta Horn Base (150bpm)


  • sparta base prototype
    • An unfinished sparta base
  • sparta base prototype 2
    • An unfinished sparta base created in 2017 using GarageBand for iOS.
  • Sparta Memory Base V1
    • The preview was named "sparta base prototype 3"
  • Sparta Spirited Base


  • Sparta Sparking Base
    • The preview was named "sparta base prototype 4"
  • Sparta Strawberry Base
  • Sparta Casio JQE Base


  • sparta base prototype 5
    • This base was never finished
  • Sparta Overcast Base
    • The preview was named "Sparta Base Prototype 6"
  • Sparta Strawberry Base V1.5
  • Sparta Memory Base V2
  • Sparta Spirited V2 Base
  • Sparta Caliginous Base
  • Sparta Calcium Base


  • Sparta Contrary Base
  • Sparta Aloof Base
  • Sparta NoTime Base
  • Sparta Calibri JQE Base
  • Sparta Hydrotech JQE Base
  • Sparta Strawberry V2 Base
  • Sparta Watercress Base
  • Sparta Excel JQE Base
  • Sparta Shapes Base (Original Version)
  • Sparta Jolly Rancher JQE Base
  • Sparta Desperation JQE Base
  • Sparta Slake JQE Base
  • Sparta Component Base


  • Sparta Tomato Soup Base
  • Sparta Universal Base
  • Sparta Havana JQE Base
  • Sparta Pears Base (unreleased)
  • Sparta Grubhub Base
  • Sparta Watercress V2 Base
  • Sparta Shapes Base
    • Originally titled "Sparta Shapes V1.5 Base"
  • Sparta Celerity Base
  • Sparta Mellow Base
  • Sparta April JQE Base