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kadnegative (also known as K-minus/Kadoozh/Kad) is an occasional Sparta remixer and Sparta base creator. Although he isn't well known in the community, he comes in and out of the Sparta Community from time to time. So far, he only has made seven full remixes and several collab parts hosted by colleagues and acquaintances.


His only spotlight most often focuses on creating Sparta bases, as he has currently made 17 as of June 2021. A Google Drive archive of all of his bases can be found here. A selection of remixers have used a portion of his bases in the past, including bases that have gained relevance in 2018.

Apart from composing bases, he has participated in several pre-2020 collabs before coming to a complete standstill (until his latest remix in 2021).

One of his prominent loose influences is the usage of his original composition "Festival Betwixt the Stars" used as a Sparta base. A significant contribution to this trend is Jayston's "Sparta RBS Base" and its collaboration, composed after his remix using the song as the layout. Thereafter the "Betwixt the Stars" motif has been used in other remixes and bases.

List of remixes

Remix Date published
Grizzly - "BAGEL RAT!" - Sparta Bliss Mix May 6, 2017
Entree - "Now my hat has a hat!" - Sparta Rigmarole Remix August 12, 2017
Mumu - Sparta Discourse Remix September 17, 2018
Multisource - Sparta Star Remix April 28, 2019
Snowball - "You don't have leaves!" - Sparta Beetroot Remix September 7, 2019
Kazuichi - "How the hell did you roll a sixty?!" - Sparta Racing Remix June 21, 2021
Sugar Boy - "...A robot!" - Sparta Subgeo Remix July 27, 2021