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Luigifan641 is an American Sparta Remixer who has made over 70+ Sparta Remixes. Most of which involving ponies.


Luigifan641 joined youtube back in September of 2010 as a commenter account, but than started his remixing life on with "Derpy Gets G0ATFAC3'D." Using lines from the short series "Derpy Lines 1-6" From 2 years, he used Audacity, Pinnacle Videospin, & BaldDumboRat's voice to make his remixes, until he (FINALLY) discovered Sony Vegas in February of 2012 suggested to him by Ribiagio98.

He immediately downloaded it & began making Sparta Remixes with real visuals, better timed rhythms & actual freestyles! It wasn't until December of 2011 that he discovered The Wild Spartans & set his goal to become one of them. After endless hours of practice, multiple pony sources, many Mashup Bases no longer available for download random freestyles, & 100 subscribers, he soon achieved his goal on June 3, 2012 with Applebloom has a Sparta Back-To-Basics Mix, becoming Wild Spartan #19!

He's still making remixes to this day & doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.

He's a brony.


Luigifan641 has made a few sparta bases in his time which are rarely used. These include:

-Sparta Insomnia Base

-Sparta Frenzy Base

-Sparta Blast Base LF641 Ed. V1 & V2

-Sparta Street Base LF641 Ed.

-Sparta LiquidState Base LF641 Ed.

Though he loves seeing his bases put into action, he is infamous for his protection of his property & has been known to copyright videos that do not credit him for his material &, in semi-rare cases, have accounts suspended/terminated. One example is the rivalry between Luigifan641 & TPIRfan17 over the Sparta Price Is Right Base. Luigifan641 was the actual creator of the base using FL Studio, but the idea was requested to him by TPIRfan17, who eventually stole the base & attempted to pass it off as his own. Luigifan641 eventually found out & copyrighted over 7 videos that used the music. TPIRfan17 eventually apologized for his error & is now back in Luigifan641's good graces, but he vows to sue him if he attempt to take the base again.


Luigifan641 likes to attempt a YTPMV from time to time though he is not as..... seasond as some the more experienced ones. His best YTPMV would be Lovesick Fluttershy using a singing fluttrshy & the instrumental of "Lovesick" by Kitsune^2.