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thumb|320px|right|SUPER SPARTA BROS (AKA: Sparta Mario 8-Bit Remix)

8-bit Mario Remix (Super Sparta Bros.) is an old-school custom base made by Tachin1994. It's a combination of different sounds from the Super Mario Bros. video game series.

Technical Background

The Mario Remix base is based on old-school programmable sound generation (PSG). This was basically the type of sound used to generate music for almost all sound-capable 8-bit computer, arcade, and video game platforms during the 1980's. It makes use of square-wave (2 channels), triangle-wave (1 channel), and pseudo-noise (1 channel) tones, the types of tones generated by the PSG module in the Ricoh 2A03/2A07 CPU found in the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom.


thumb|320px|left|This 8-bit Sparta Remix Contains Danmaku from the PC-98 Era Most people who used this base remixed it with modern, non-8-bit audio sources, however, so they ended up with not-so-old-school Mario remixes. The most popular ones are SMFTheDingo's This video is unavailable. MatrixMarioX's Video unavailable and Lurasz2006's All Systems Full Power (V2 remake here).

Jedi787plus, however, came close to achieving an "old-school-ish" Mario remix with This 8-bit Sparta Remix Contains Danmaku from the PC-98 Era, which remixed the Mario base with old FM and PSG sound effects from the original Touhou Project games for the 16-bit NEC PC-98 computers.