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MatrixMarioX (goes by beat_shobon now) joined YouTube on April 24st, 2007. His very first video uploaded to YouTube was a slideshow called "Super Mario: The Slideshow".

He also made other 2 slideshows.

MatrixMarioX wasn't recognized until the upload of his first Sparta Remix (using the clip "Obey Weegee", animation made by user UltraMoron at YouTube and DeviantART).

More experienced Sparta Remixers were amazed by such perfection at his first Remix. which made him to make more Remixes. He ws probably part of the Second Generation of Sparta Remixers, but it seems that he was part of The First Generation of Sparta Remixers, since he was probably the last one to be teamed/compared to Tachin1994, Supdawg444, RAVAGE656, and other expert remixers.

He vastly improved his technique with each new video.

MatrixMarioX's Ultra Mix

MatrixMarioX was the creator of the Ultra Mix, a mashup of the Original Sparta Remix base, and Tachin1994's Trance Remix base, with some Drum and Bass percussion added.

This base is probably one of his most famous works.


MatrixMarioX made YTPMVs (being compared to experienced users such as MexicanSunflower, milesaaway, etc., uploading first quality videos such as SMASH ZONE, and WINDOWS ZONE); MatrixMarioX claimed to have quit sparta remixes, but he also said that he might continue with the fad sometimes; also, his grand finale was the final product of the Sparta Remix Collab he was hosting.

Sometime after 2010 (or God knows when), the MatrixMarioX channel was taken down, according to this CuriousCat answer. MatrixMarioX has another channel, XlovesMiku, that he made on September 11, 2009 that now serves as his main focus, which in addition to the occasional YTPMV/MAD now comprises original music that he sells on his Bandcamp page.

You can view his channel Here (now prints as beat_shobon)


  • It is very known that MatrixMarioX's favorite YTPMV fad is the one with the song "RED ZONE". He has made some RED ZONEs himself like SMASH ZONE, and the popular WINDOWS ZONE
  • Along with Jedi787plus, and ShatteredHeartLynx, MatrixMarioX is also a fan of the Touhou series.
  • MatrixMarioX suddenly "fell in love" with the famous VOCALOID character "Miku Hatsune", making another account (by the name "XlovesMiku") exclusively for VOCALOID videos. He has made mashups, HAMMER MADs, and various other videos featuring such character. He has said there's a large number of projects related with Miku, such as original songs and remade cover songs.
  • MatrixMarioX has been claimed "A very talented pianist" since his one of his videos"MatrixMarioX's (LAME) Piano Concert", the video shows a performance of various popular songs performed by "Matrix" himself
  • MatrixMarioX also loves HAMMER MADs (Songs made with the Hammer music from Donkey Kong and the Smash Bros series). He has made a few of them.
  • He now goes under the name beat_shobon and writes original music. He also contributes and makes rips for Siivagunner and is a member of their team.