Mechanic1c, a former Sparta Remix maker, retired in 2011 after becoming "bored" of making Sparta remixes. His new channel consists of Youtube Poops and very infrequent sparta remixes.

His total upload views sum over 1,500,000; his most popular video, "SEGA (Sparta Remix)" (a cause for dispute), totals over 225,000 views.

SEGA (Sparta Remix)

SEGA (Sparta Remix)

Mechanic1c's most popular video.

One of his known claims is that he states to be the first to make a "perfect Sparta remix" (of course not accounting for the first, as Mechanic1c's "perfection" is a model of the and thus "perfection"). The one in question that he called perfect to the standards of the first Sparta remix is "SEGA (Sparta Remix) V2 ."

In 2011, Mechanic1c posted a message on his channel reading: "'TO EVERYONE WHO MAY CARE: I am not going to uploading anything else on this channel. I'll keep it up or the few people who want it and for the views I've gotten from it. Thank you for subbing or doing whatever you've done to interact with this channel.'"

Old content

Mechanic's first Sparta remix was in 2009, using the abridged Sparta Remix template. He calls his old ones "crap," citing a lack of accuracy and a difference in skill. 

The last videos posted on his channels were mostly of short, simple amateur-style songs compiled into an album he called "Nowut." No reason has been given.


After a long absence (from said conditions), Mechanic1c declared a return of activity in January of 2013. The videos he would upload were going to be on another channel, wanquan6549, for unstated reasons. The announcement he put out on his channel was, in text: "DEAR ALL 298 SUBSCRIBERS WHO FOR SOME LUCKY REASON ARE STILL SUBBED EVEN IF YOU DON'T CARE: I STARTED A MECHANIC1C REVIVAL CHANNEL ON WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WANQUAN6549 ! I'M MAKING NEW VIDEOS AND IF ANYONE IS STILL A FAN GO THERE FOR NEW MATERIAL!"

Since, he has been uploading Youtube Poops and other random videos with little consistency in subject or frequency of upload. Later on, he began a second channel, Wanquan Loot, on which he posts "random crap" that he considers to not be worthy of his main channel, wanquan6549. He stated in a comment on one of his new sparta remixes:

"This channel was originally intended to reflect my old channel and make newer versions of old series such as Sparta remixes; I want to keep pursuing that and make more stuff like what I used to, just without the crap."

Significance, events, and attributions

Aside from the claim of having made the first Sparta Remix, Mechanic1c has other significant history in terms of the Sparta remix "culture" and world. He coined the phrase "Dundundenden," a name for an early part in the extended and abridged original remix base. He also coined a less popular but unique term, "soft part," another part of the sparta remix following the chorus after "OMG TEH EPICNESS." The name caught on when it was used in discussion with gamma3adhexius (his brother) and jedi787plus, as they had a lot of contact and discussion about Sparta remixes.

On his most popular sparta remix, "SEGA (Sparta Remix)," he had a conflict with another user. The other user, sharpTH, claimed to have made a Sparta remix of the same phrase earlier and also identified his own to be better. Sides were chosen, but after a long time the opposing remix faded away and was forgotten. The account's user page has a notice saying that it was closed due to a violation of YouTube guidelines.