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Namy Gaga is a Mexican Sparta Remixer, she makes sparta remixes, latin Covers and Fandubings,

backwards videos and other things, and she makes drawings in the computer too. She's a female Sparta remixer.


Her first Sparta remix was a sparta remix of ​​Nicole Watterson, from "The Amazing World of Gumball". Then she began to do sparta remixes from other sources such as My Little Pony, Frozen, her fandubs, and also Youtubers as Fernanfloo and ElRubiusOMG.



  • Her partners are Naty Gaga, Twiligther MLP, PonyDubberx - El Brony Analista, Cheetah Paw, Cutε αиd Sωєєt, Diana DIRS, TANNER Cross
  • She hates chicoesparta76
  • She is the creator of My Little Frozen, which has became viral.
  • She has her own OC, which is a ponified version of her, set as the profile picture.
  • She is one of the (and the only?) Sparta Remixers to have 100,000+ subs.
  • In 2017, her channel has been awarded a verified mark by YouTube, making her so far the only Sparta Remixer to get a verified mark for her channel, along Lil Tycho being the first with an "Official Artist Channel" badge.