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Pitch samples are one of the most important components in sparta remixes. They existed in late 2009 but became widespread in 2011.

Sampling is a term that describes how an audio effect can be changed to form a "pitch" or "perc" sample. There are many pitch techniques, such as using FL Studio, Melodyne, Newtone, Soundgoodizer, GSnap, Superstretch, WavePad, Graillon 2 or using Paulstretch. The most used programs between these are Melodyne and FL Studio.

Fake pitch samples are simply achieved when cropped pitch samples used don't originate from the segment they were extracted from. It has existed since mid-2012. In the community, it is considered dishonest to use a sample which doesn't originate from the segment it came from.

Overedited pitch samples happen when the accent and consonnes of the pitch sample are edited so much that it sounds distorted compared to the way it came from (this is because the way pitch samples sound and turn out is limited and defined by certain accents and consones).

Sparta Remixers use many different pieces of software to make pitch samples for their Sparta Remixes of any type. Some software that is used however, don't produce the best results when compared to other software.

List of Pitch softwares

The following is a list of programs used by Sparta Remixers for pitch sample creation.

NOTE: If you still know how to use it correctly and the software listed here still gives unwanted results, the most common problem may be due to the sample choosing. If your sample doesn't sound too good, you can choose a different sample and visual.

  • Vocodex - Free Version - ?/10: It's okay, but it's being debated right now if it is acceptable or not, due to complaints about it being used for making fake pitch samples.
  • Windows Live Movie Maker/Windows Movie Maker - Free Version - 0/10: Not advised. Should be kept away from at all times.
  • Pixitracker - Paid Version - 3/10: Gets the job done, but doesn't produce the most quality results. Better alternates for mobile are GarageBand or FL Studio Mobile.
  • Audacity - Free Version - 5/10: Gives pretty good results if used correctly and properly.
  • GarageBand - Paid Version - 6.5/10: Can produce good results, one of the best options for mobile users.
  • Vegas Pro/Sony Vegas - Paid Version - 10/10: Used by pretty much everyone for remixes, can produce samples. Works well with other software like Melodyne or FL Studio.
  • FL Studio - Paid Version - 10/10: Great audio production software that can produce great results with a layout that's simple to use.
  • VideoPad - Paid Version - ???/10: ???
  • MixPad - Paid Version - ???/10: ???
  • WavePad - Paid Version - ???/10: ???
  • PitchCorrector297- Free Version - 9/10: ???
  • T-Pain - ???/10: ???
  • Vocalshifter - Free Version - ?/10: Can be used for Melodyne alternative.
  • Graillon 2 - free version - Ifinite/10: This is EPIC!

List of Pitch program combinations

The following is a list of software combinations used by Sparta Remixers, the ranks are listed from worst to best.

  • VideoPad, WavePad and MixPad - ???/10
  • WMM and Audacity - 3/10
  • Vegas Pro and Vocodex - 5/10
  • Vegas Pro, Paulstrech - 6/10
  • Melodyne and Vegas Pro - 7,5/10
  • Vegas Pro, Melodyne and FL Studio - 8,5/10
  • Vegas Pro, Melodyne, Audacity and FL Studio - 10/10
  • Vegas Pro, Graillon 2, Melodyne - Ifinite/10


This list contains examples of programs used for Sparta Remixes.

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