Prof's new avatar, and, once again, he's a prince. SO TREAT HIM LIKE ROYALTY!!!

profpuppy66 is a YouTuber who joined on September 29, 2012. He is a fan of The Amazing World of Gumball, Sparta Remixes, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He makes CPYS videos, sources, and is now making animations under the trademark ProfAnimations. A few times he has attempted to make a Sparta Remix using ScreenCast-O-Matic and YouTube, one of which was in a Sparta Duel with JTMApple. His favorite Sparta Remixers are CyberD3ath, Teh3dSpartan, JTMApple, and Prof. Jayston.

Sparta Tryouts

Profpuppy66's Sparta tryouts have no recognizable pattern, though he does use real bases. He actually had the Sony Vegas 12.0 free trial, but it expired before he could actually use it.

If you want to see one of his Sparta Attempts, click


Profpuppy66's old avatar

 Favorite Bases

Profpuppy66 has a slightly odd taste in bases, but here are some of his favorites:

Hard Rock V2,JTMApple's Creations V0.5,Sandstorm,Hyper LOL,etc.


Profpuppy66 has a couple of Youtubers who are his friends. Here they are:

JTMApple, girlbstyle, and dragonslayer9941 (kind of). 


  • One of his favorite Sparta Remixer is JTMApple.
  • Sometimes he debates on wheather or not he should wait to get a MacBook Air and use Audacity to make pitch shift, percussion, etc. and put the sound files into WMM, or just continue making fail Sparta Remixes. Or just use Audacity period.
  • His soon-to-be alternate account is going to be named DaMan70, and will post random (hopefully funny) videos mostly on his webcam.
  • He is a brony, a creative one.
  • His favorite kind of ponies are pegasus, alicorn, and unicorn.
  • He's shy, like his new avatar.