RedManiac9000 was originally Somony10, who joined 9/13/09. Somony10's first video was Jason's Black Key Extravaganza, otherwise found here: [1]. It was released 5 days after the account was created.

On 7/12/11, Somony10 announced that he would be moving accounts to RedManiac9000, but apparently changed his mind on 8/7/11.

On 8/13/11, Somony10 finally released a very crappy sparta remix, also known as: "Annoying Orange Sparta Skycastle Remix" which can also be found here:

The very next day, which happened to be his birthday, he released another one, "Orange Patter has a Sparta Trance V4 Remix": also found here:

On 9/25/11, Somony10 finally got Vegas Pro 10 but still couldn't improve. His first official remix, also known as: "I Can Dream Harold Sparta Remix (Not Extended), also found here:

On 9/30/11, Somony10 released an unofficial version of the V2 of the party hard remix which is pretty damn catchy. Found here:

At the beginning of October(8/2/11), Somony10 set up a 3 round duel v.s roblox3dflash. His first round was his first "good" remix. AKA: "(Sparta Duel) The Nintendo Gamecube has a EXTENDED Sparta Remix" found here:

Unfortunately, roblox3dflash didn't step up his game until later.

On 8/8/11, Somony10 was officially his alt and RedManiac9000 made some history.

He then made his second mashup (now made private, sorry), which was coincidentally uploaded on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. The mashup was called: "Sparta Killer Ghost Base". Unlike the unofficial Party Hard V2, this mashup sucked.

On 10/9/11, RedManiac9000 released his best remix made in Sony Vegas. AKA "GOSH DARN IT! Sparta Remix (Not Extended) also found here:

On 8/21/11, RedManiac9000 combined Teh93rdSpartan's tutorial, along with TheOriginalMixedKid's own one (the account is now deleted, so no link). It can be found here:

The very next day, he released another one, but this time combining two remixes, one made by Agentrockluxury2, the other one made by Tomiato64. Found here:

By this time, his Sony Vegas Pro 10 trial has almost expired.

But he didn't care.

The very next day, He set up a sudden death duel v.s GenericSpartanName, who hasn't posted a video ever since the duel was set. His first round was: "[Sparta Duel] Super Sonic has a Sparta Party Hard Remix [Ft. Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow]" which unfortunately has almost 20,000 views. Found here:

The same day, he announced his final video. It was his No Llama No Sparta Remix. Found here:

But boy, he was wrong about his final video, Sony Vegas Pro 11 was out. It meant more videos.

Because on the day before Halloween (8/30/11), he pulled off: "BUZZ LOOK A SPARTAN" which almost has 40,000 views. Found here: (can't fix it, sorry)

Because of the long wait, he redeclared his duel with roblox3dflash on 11/6/11. His first official round 1 was: "{Sparta Duel] Annoying Orange - Snapefruit Dies - EXTENDED Sparta Remix" Found here:

The same day, he posted a preview which he won't finish. Found here:

On 11/11/11, he became the first one to test chapzo99s' freestyle. Found here:

The same day, he released his third mashup. It was a mix of rcTigger95213s' Sparta Sega Base and DJCooqieDough's Sparta Uber Base. Found here:

On 11/27/11, he released what was going to be his 25 sub special, but he lost the project. Found here:

On 12/11/11, he released a preview that he's planning on starting over from scratch. Found here:

On 1/29/12, he released a preview that he is still working on. Found here:

On 3/18/12, RedManiac9000 released his second most epic remix. Found here:

On 4/21/12, Somony10 posted a seriously epic preview for his 100 sub special. Found here: