RussianSpartaRemixor is a Sparta Remixer who joined the Sparta Community in 2013. He was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. Although his nationality is Armenian, he can speak Russian, English, Georgian, and a little bit of Armenian.

While starting a Sparta Career he was learning to make sparta remixes from Luigifan641. He is not just a sparta remixer, but a YTPMVer and YTPer. Though he is not a big YTPMVer or YTPer. He joined YouTube in March 5, 2013. He has many friends that he loves (in a friend way) from Sparta and YTPMV Community. It's a long list that he has. Some of them deserve to be mentioned.

The close friends of RussianSpartaRemixor from Sparta Community are: DreamLandSpartan, TehGermanSpartan, Spartan Apple, Teh3rdSpartan, SuicideRat, Hamburgaga, Yuu The Spartan, T Bird, Kawaxte, Alpha, GimMick, Havex, OS, Mizuki, AnanasPro, Luigifan641, Crippled Vampire, TheHungarianSpartan XD, HunDebLeonidasX, Tygrysek, Lolster999, Useful, Spetznaz, Oppai, Tomz, GVSpartan01 MissSpartanRemixor, TehPortugueseSpartan, Dejon DaKirbyGuy, GameSlayer 3.4, ialexstudios3d, and about everyone else he did not mention: He gets along well with them. Alex The Savior, RazeMaza, Talon, John Quacks, and TheJario943.

His best foreign friend is DreamLandSpartan. RussianSpartaRemixor knew him since 2012.

In YTPMV Community his best friends are: HuiSoma, Pandemonius, Leffy and Meta.

Games that RussianSpartaRemixor likes to play are: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, Euro Truck Simulator 2, PLAYERSUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS, Grand Theft Auto 5 etc.

At the moment he very rarely makes sparta remixes cause depends when he has a time to make and upload them. That doesn't means that he quits it's just time has been changed to him.

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