Last Lynx's Channel Image. The image shows Nitori Kawashiro from Touhou Series.

ShatteredHeartLynx (or simply, Lynx) was a YouTube User who creates YTPMV, Sparta Remixes and other random stuff. Thought no one really knows about his gender, his gender was confirmed in one commentary talk in TheOriginalMixedKid's Channel [citation needed]. He joined December 21, 2008, his account got closed in September 20, 2009. His first video ever uploaded was THIS VIDEO CONTAINS HUMAN GRUNT (now deleted) and was a reply to THIS VIDEO CONTAINS fad. Since his videos were based on fads on that time, his number of subscribers boosted at very high rate. His first Sparta Remix was Spy Sappin' Mah Sentry (also deleted, this time for YouTube Community Guideline violations).