When the rules are acknowledged and well understood by the users, the Sparta Remix Encyclopedia will remain safe and organized.

Any violations will result in punishments depending on the severity of the policy violations, as well as the user's past accords.

Do you want to improve the rules? Feel free to discuss these on the talk page or discussions.



  1. Observe civil behavior and treat people with respect.
    • You shouldn't argue, insult, threaten, harass, purposefully offend, or disrespect users or their opinions. You will be warned for doing so.
  2. Article pages should be always written in third-person and have a neutral point of view. With the exception of blogs.
    • Instead of typing in the page "I am (insert name here)", type "(insert name here) is a Sparta Remixer".
    • An article shouldn't say that "Pixitracker is a terrible app", instead it should say that "Pixitracker is an application which is defined by the community as terrible".
  3. Remixer pages must have the same type of infobox the other remixer pages have.
    • {{Remixer infobox}} is the ideal template to use on remixer pages.
    • Please note that duplicate infoboxes will be deleted. Especially those that contain the respective remixer's username as the template name.
  4. Profanity should be used in moderation.
  5. Vandalism and joke pages will not be tolerated.
  6. Do not spam in the comments (unless you admit that you were joking).
    • This also includes spamming someone's comment in the comments or article pages.
  7. Do not flood the comments with lots of pictures. 
    • Do not spam the comment section with pictures. The excessive pictures will be deleted. Pony pictures/videos (this doesn't apply to Sparta Remixes and profile pictures) also are not allowed.
  8. Do not include pages of people that are not Sparta remixers or base makers. They are known as Sparta fans.
  9. Do not abuse multiple accounts (sockpuppetry).
    • The sockpuppet accounts will be blocked infinitely and the edits made by the sockpuppet accounts will be reverted.
  10. Articles should contain information related to Sparta.
    • Pages irrelevant to Sparta will get deleted (with the exception of page names starting with "Sparta Remix Wiki:" or "Template:").
  11. No adult content is allowed in this wiki.
    • Disturbing content such as pornography, gore, drug, bomb threats, obscenity is not allowed in this wiki.
  12. Any links that redirect to harmful websites that contain malware, trojan, etc will be DELETED immediately as soon as the admin notices.
  13. Do not DOXX here any kind of personal information (especially email addresses and birthdates), especially if the subjects are under the legal age of 18 under the laws of the United States (where this wiki is hosted and whose laws this wiki abides to).
    • Real names of remixers may only be written in by the remixers themselves –not by other editors– and only if they are at least 18 years old. For example, the real name of Useful may only be added to the article by Useful himself!
    • Also, please refrain from listing remixer's current age. Not only it is unnecessary from an editing point of view (it is something that changes every year, and editing an article merely to change the age wastes wiki server resources when edits could be better used for changing more wiki-relevant stuff like YouTube/​SoundCloud addresses, new or revised remixes/​bases, techniques employed by the remixer, etc.), but it is also a very personal piece of information that should be kept private (especially if the remixer in question is under 18).
    • Remixers who choose to voluntarily state their birthdates may only do so if they are at least 18 and only from their own wiki accounts (not through other wiki editors).


  1. Do not abuse your powers and privileges.
    • This includes blocking users for no understandable reason.
  2. Do not delete/blank pages unless you have an understandable reason on why the page should be removed.
    • As of 22 January 2018, we no longer allow users (and Admins) to blank and/or delete pages for no understandable reason.
    • If you request to delete your page or other pages, make sure to add an understandable reason on why the page should be removed. Requests or page deletions that have invalid/stupid reasons will be reverted immediately and the page may be protected. Doing this may also get you demoted for hiding and removing information on purpose.
      • As long as the reason why the Sparta Remixer retired is included on the deleted page's summary, then this will not be the case.
  3. Don't abandon this wiki unless you want to be demoted.
    • As an admin, you should be (at least) occasionally active and you also need to have some responsibilities to in order to keep your powers. Abandoning this wiki for more than a year (or less if necessary) may get you demoted.

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