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Supdawg444 is a Sparta Remixer who joined YouTube on April Fools Day 2006. His first video uploaded onto YouTube was a YouTube poop titled "YouTube Poop: Link Really Likes Dodongos". His first Sparta Remix was uploaded on June 23rd, 2008. This one would fall under the category of First Generation Sparta Remix. Since then he has vastly improved his technique, and is considered to be one of the best Sparta Remixers at that time.

Sparta Contests

Supdawg was the first to host a Sparta remix contest. This contest helped bring the likes of then-largely-unknown Tachin1994 and FartknockerStudios to mainstream/famous status.

Sometime after this first contest and some other ones hosted by other YouTube users, Supdawg did another contest, the Church Rock Remix Contest, which further consolidated RAVAGE656 as a remixer to be taken seriously.

Custom Bases

After the first Custom Base being made by Tachin1994, supdawg444 created his own base called "Sparta Mega Mix" which he has since created three official revisions of, and the newest version can be viewed Here. He has the largest collection of custom bases, consisting of the Church Rock Remix and Hanging on Mix, among other (largely unreleased) ones - mostly owned by RAVAGE656.

Current Activity

While supdawg444 claims to have quit sparta remixes all together, he still currently makes YTPMVs and other videos.


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