TehSonarchy98thSpartan/TehProOggy24thSpartan Was A Best Remixer As Of This Year He Is Remixer And His Cousin is TehQueenElsa14thSpartan he has 100-200 Subs From His Channel:

He Can Create Sparta Duel,Freestyle,Overlap,Bases,Pitch And More Sonarchy Act Is Friendly,Good person And Cheerful Sonarchy Joined July 10 2014 and Start His New Remixes His Remix First is Nicole Sparta Root Remix base Is From Aduburyus But that 4 Months he Sunddely Delted But now His Cousin has The Video Of That And didnt even Know he will Reupload So He Wait For A Couple Of Months Thats All....

1)Sonarchy Is A Boy

2)He is 11 Years Old

3)He Not A Bad But Sudenly Good


5)He has A Husband

he Has Many Friend Too His Channel Go Now :)

Good Luck :)....



Note This channel is now dead