Anomaly has a Sparta Remix

TehSpartanKing (previous names: rcTigger95213, TT4DV3N7UR34L7, TiggerTigger95213) is a polish Sparta remixer, who makes very good remixes mainly containing pitch shift and freestyle.


He began his YouTube career as TiggerTigger95213. At these times he was using Magix Music Maker and FL Studio. This was his very first youtube account ever created. He was liked by a big group of remixers, but he was also being hated. He was new to the community so he had problems, especially with his age (9). His account got closed since he had problems with trolls and haters, but he had opened a new account called TT4DV3N7UR34L7, which was also running good. This one was unfortunately closed too, but not due to trolls. It was the fact, he was too young to have an account (11) but he got more better at remixing. Somewhere in 2012 he opened a new account called rcTigger95213. His nickname was based on that of rcmero's. This account also was running good and he had almost no haters. But then he decided to make a new account for Sparta Remixing called TehSpartanKing. On rcTigger he is now recording polish gameplay videos. TehSpartanKing is his most current channel. Now that he's grown up he was ready to start a new career. He is currently [maybe] one of the best remixers out there. He has practically no haters. He is forward to record gameplay videos too.


TSK is also a good Sparta base maker. He makes them mainly using FL Studio. His bases use mainly Sytrus, but he may sometimes use other plugins, such as PoiZone or Harmor. He also owns Nexus 2, which gives him a huge preset library to choose. He makes Sparta Remixes using very random sources. He sometimes downloads this vid's audio file and remixes it in FL Studio. He also uses polish sources, such as the comedy movie "Świat Według Kiepskich" which is popular among the polish community.


Like many remixers, he invented some freestyles.

BASIC FREESTYLE 1**_1**_1**222233331*111*1*222233331*1_1*1_1*111*1*3333222211113333


EPICNESS FREESTYLE 111*1*332-2111*11111*1*11333*2-2-2-2113*11332-21*1*111*11111111111111

                                                333*3*  3*33*3333*33