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TheMachineSpartan is a Sparta Remixer and has been one since 2017. He's also from Israel, and his name is Adam.

(a.k.a Teh933thSpartan)

In the beginning of his Sparta Remix career, he used logo sources for his sparta remix. Now, however, he uses normal sources. For example, he uses Spongebob.

First Mashup He Did:

Sparta Triple Gamma Mix

Bases Mashup That Reupload on youtube by TGS:

Sparta Cyberpunk Base

Sparta ATS Mix

Sparta ATS Mix V2


What Games He Plays

  • He plays APB Reloaded and Grand Theft Auto V and sometimes Rainbow Six.

What Things He Like / Facts

  • Watching a Bored TV . Sparta remix / Base
  • His Favorite Base: Havana, Short Flange
  • He also uses Sony Vegas 14 on his old laptop and he using Sony Vegas 15 on Desktop Computer.
  • His Grammar is pretty bad.
  • He's not really good to use ear to figure pitch herself.
  • he loves to hugs and to get hugs.