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Videogameguy101's Sparta Remix timing tutorial for Sony Vegas (DOWNLOAD)

Timing is a major component in a Sparta Remix . This component is important in order to make a Sparta Remix syncronize better or else the remix will sound bad.

Remixes with correct timing started to get popular in mid 2011 and 2012.

Correct Timing Tutorial

This mini-tutorial shows you how to do the correct timing.

Simple tutorial

Step 1

Click file, properties or just press Alt+Enter.

Step 2

Go to Ruler, set the BPM to 140.000.

NOTE: If you are using a base with different BPM put the base's BPM there, always remember to set the BPM to 140.000 on 140 BPM bases.

Step 3

Set the ruler to 16th notes (you can also use 8th, 32rd notes or triplets but 16th is the most recommended for remixes).

Step 4

Make sure to enable Snapping, Active Take Information, Snap To Grid, Snap To Markers and Snap To All Events.

Step 5

Always make sure to disable Quantize to Frames, leaving this feature enabled will make your Sparta Remixes horrible and unfitting.

Advanced tutorial


  • Enable Snapping,
  • Active Take Information
  • Snap To Grid
  • Snap To All Events
  • Snap to Markers


  • Quantize to Frames
  • Quickfade Audio Edits
  • Automatic Crossfades (optional)

To synchronize your source along with the Sparta base in perfect timing also, go to:

  • File
    • Properties
    • Ruler (section)
    • Set the Ruler Time Format to Measures and Beats
    • Set the BPM (beats per minute) to 140.000.
    • Click OK and go to project properties to save the settings everytime you load the project.