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Jad is a black sparta remixer/sparta base maker/ytpmver that entered the sparta remix community on March 24th 2017.



He started doing video edits on PowerDirector, but he never actually made his channel yet. He didn't know anything about Sparta Remixes at the time, he was just making random funny video edits for the fun of it.


This first sparta remix he ever saw was the catch me if you can sparta remix by MaskedMetaKnight4. He thought that remix was from 2015, but then later realized it was from 2016. He didn't know it was called a sparta remix until later on this year. He started watching more remixes, especially from Ninjeko. The first remixer he ever looked up too. Sometime at the end of 2016, he thought about starting his YT channel, and enter the src. He made his actually first remix back in this time: This is sparta remix, but he never made it public when he made his channel.


He created his YouTube Channel. His name was Jadimariplier when he first started. He started in March 24th 2017 and uploaded his 2nd remix on YouTube on the same day. He made his first remix in late 2016 but he never uploaded it. He made a ton of fnaf sparta remixes which got him a hundreds to thousands of views, which made him popular in the fnaf community. At the time he was powerdirector remixer. He uses FL Studio Mobile for bases. He changed his name to Jadimariplier Sparta Animating Gamer. He couldn't take criticism until November of that year where he got videopad and started making remixes that at least sounded a little better than his old remixes. His timing was better. He made his first base on November 18 Called Sparta TrapBeat Base. He later changed his name to Jadimario Spartan Gamer.


His timing was getting a little better, he attempting to do pitches/percussion in his remixes, and started making bases. He lost his files to FL Studio Mobile so he couldn't make bases anymore until he discovered a another music app called caustic 3, and started making bases on it. This was the year where he met more remixers and got inspired by them to make more remixes. He changed his name to Infinite Remixes. Before summer started he made his first multi-part collab. He made about a few multi-part collabs this year. His biggest one this year, and throughout his whole channel was his 14 part emerald collab that he wanted to remake, but didn't think it would work out. He changed his name to InfiniteVevoRemixer: The Sparta Remix Channel. He used fake pitch and percussion almost throughout the whole year, but even though, he had fun making remixes. In December, he finnaly got a computer and got Vegas Pro on it. He changed his name again to Jad, but that was the last time he ever changed it.


His remixes were getting a little better, he still had some work to do. He attempted to join collabs, but couldn't because he wasn't good enough yet. Later that year his remixes started to sound more decent. He made a late 2017 sendoff remix. A remix showing his creations from that year. He made his 1st YTPMV sometime before summer, also completed his Valise V2 Collab sometime before summer, he thinks that's his best collab throughout his whole channel. Throughout the year, he went from decent to good. He turned out to be a pretty good remixer. He got a new phone during the summer and finally got FL Studio Mobile back and made some new bases, and out of nowhere he learned music theory. He started using custom patterns in his bases a lot. Just like his 2017 sendoff remix, he did one for 2018, showcasing his creations from that year. At the very end of the year he released a video. It was a to mashup rewind featuring remixes that were made from 2010 - 2019. It was a video showing how sparta remixes, and sparta remixers evolved throughout the decade.


He's gotten a heck of a lot better with remixing now. He was able to participate in some collabs. It was late but he made a 2019 sendoff remix showcasing all of his remixes from 2019. He thinks that that is his best remix, He posted that for his 3 year aniversery, he was going to make a remix with all of his creations, late 2016 to early 2020, along with a V2 of his 1st remix uploaded on youtube, but ended up not making it due to motivation issues and he couldn't make in time. He uploaded a the intro to his creations intro, but since it was April Fools Day he didn't show the remix, because he didn't even make it. He did a collab with Prof. Jayston to make his Sonic Sparta Remix, which is his only video that had gotten some attention from well known remixers besides him Valise V2 Collab. He made another YTPMV this year, and said that he's thinking about doing more, which makes him a YTPMVer now. His bases have gotten a lot better, along with his remixes apparently. The only problem he still has with his remixes is balancing. Other than that he's good. He thinks his best base this year, and throughout his whole career in sparta remixing is his Sparta Honor Base, which was his 3rd most popular base on his souncloud page. He's been getting better with balancing his remixes. Jad decided to make one last remix before the end of the year. He decided to use his creations from 2017 - 2020 for a sparta remix that eventually released in 2021 instead of 2020, because he couldn't get it out before the end of 2020.


Jad announced that he was going to be taking a 2 month break from remixing, but that ended up just being a 2 week break, considering he's now back to making remixes. Jad is making what he calls "The Big 3", where he's going to make 3 big remixes. Can't really say anything more clever than that. That's literally it lol. As of July 8th 2021, he published the first remix of the big 3, which was the multi - anime sparta remix. According to Jad, this mix was supposed to complete and uploaded back in June. Jad has also announced that he will soon discontinue his extras and gaming channel, move all of his stuff from there to his main channel, and then start uploading the content he made on there back on his main channel from now on.



Sanjeev Srivastan






Melody Song








  • He loves pizza
  • He's a fan of Mario, Memes, Fnaf, and Anime
  • He makes cartoons along with sparta remixes
  • He does gaming videos as well
  • He kept changing his name until he changed it Jad
  1. Jadimariplier [March 2017 - April 2017]
  2. Jadimariplier Sparta Animating Gamer [April 2017 - November 2017]
  3. Jadimario Spartan Gamer [November 2017 - February 2018]
  4. Infinite Remixes [February 2018 - July 2018]
  5. InfiniteVevoRemixer: The Sparta Remix Channel [July 2018 - December 2018]
  6. Jad [December 2018 - Now]
  • He claims he was the best android remixer back in 2018
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|real name = Jad
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|pronouns = He/Him
|country = United States
|countrycode = us
|Date Joined = March 24th, 2017
|Date Left = Unkown
|active = yes
|remixes = over 100
|known for = *Making Sparta Remixes
|styles = *Sony Vegas Pro (for remixes)
*VocalShifter (for pitch samples & autotune)
*FL Studio, making bases.
|channel = channel/UCO43eIz3PMl1IKMFRukyPlg