SMFTheDingo (Dingo) (SMF) "born October 20th 1996" joined youtube December 28th of 2008. Though his other account RichardStudios was made before that, he made the SMFTheDingo account for confusing real life friends and internet friends. He mastered the art of Windows Movie Maker, next to MusicalN. Eventually SMF moved on to a better editing software called Sony Vegas. MusicalN felt sad that he lost his partner in Windows Movie Making, but still was glad to have him as a friend.

His Sparta channel was HACKED on December 10, 2009. He repurposed an alternate channel, DingosPwnTheWorld (created on September 15, 2009), as his replacement channel for YTPMV videos. He retired from the YTPMV scene on January 12, 2018 when he uploaded a video announcing his relocation to yet another channel, SmiffyLel (actually created on February 8, 2011), where he now dedicates himself to making covers of popular songs. This third channel has URLs pointing to his Twitch channel (where he occasionally streams gameplays), Twitter, SoundCloud channel (where he uploads his covers), and his Discord server; the links are not clickable but must be manually copied and pasted into a browser's address box.

SMF means "Shaking My Face"




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