A visual is a component in sparta remixes. They were introduced in 2007. At that time, only random GIFs of Leonidas's head appeared through the remix.

Box visuals (or box-shaped visuals) got debuted in late 2009. As seen in many remixes, it's the visual of the sample (pitch sample or percussion). When the sample plays more than once, the visuals will only flip horizontally (not until 2012) or rarely vertically. However in 2013 or older remixes, the visuals changed the direction along with the flip.

How to do Box Visuals

  • What is not Recommended for beginners: Make the visuals arrangement using Track Motion in Vegas Pro. This method isn't recommended for beginners because there is no snapping tool to fit into a grid properly.
    • If done with proper calculation in the Width/Height tool, it is possible to properly fit visuals in a grid using just Track Motion.
  • What is recommended for beginners: Use the pan crop features (to see it just click the crop-like icon on the track you want to edit) in the video part and you can do the box visuals. This method is recommended for beginners because it can fit visuals in precisely with snapping tool enabled.


Classic visuals

  • 2007-2008: The only visuals is the chorus only or just a bunch of GIFs of the person's head.
  • 2009: Visuals started with random visual effects.

Novice visuals

  • 2010: Remixers started to use 2x2 box visuals.
  • 2011: Sparta Remixers switched to 3x3 box visuals.
  • 2013: Box visuals are now neater.

Advanced visuals and tehniques

  • 2013: 4x4 & 5x5 became prominent
  • 2014: The visual tehnique drastically changed with the help of Adu's Feels So Good! -v2 and the SpongeBob Exercising - Sparta Collab Mix.
  • Mid 2015: 6x6 and 7x7 box visuals started to appear and get popular over time.
  • 2016: Larger amounts of boxes on the screen became somewhat popular in this time.
  • 2017: Mini box visuals or mini boxes inside ordinary boxes (the combination of 8x8 and 4x4 boxes) got introduced and drastically got popular.

Visual effects

  • NewBlueFX
  • Boris FX (Continuum, Sapphire, Mocha)
  • Vegas Pro's Standard FX Effects

Using only Vegas Pro's FX video effects is recommended, since any of these effects can slow down Vegas and your computer performance, unless your computer has powerful hardware.


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