The Wild Spartans is a "clan" of Sparta Remixers created by Chapzo99.

How do I join the clan?

To join the clan, you must make a Sparta remix then send your video to Chapzo99.

XlethYireh and GringoHisopo1993's expelling

They betrayed more than 3 members of the Wild Spartans, as they recruited for the Wild Spartans repeatedly, because XlethYireh had 3 accounts.

Also, they also banned some sparta remixers, like DanDaManStudios1, rcmerod52, and miruru623, started during April 2012.

How XlethYireh and GringoHisopo1993 were expelled as told by other Sparta Remixers;

“He got kicked by the Wild Spartans because he and GringoHisopo1993 (who got kicked too) became administrators of the Wild Spartans' Facebook group. They weren't really good admins for chapzo99 and then chapzo made a new group were xleth and gringohisopo won't exist. They also got kicked from the Wild Spartans. ._. And then they (by using a new secret channel) became Wild Spartans again secretly. And then the shitstorm started. ._.”
I thought GringoHisopo was the Commander of Wild Spartans.
He resigned and gave me the position. :D
KingSpartaX37 and Zozey1231

Who are the official members ?

Here's the complete list (as of June 6th, 2012), but until now no one was caring about this cause now they open another group with Xleth. There's just few thing as you watched:

Commander Wild Spartans: GringoHisopo1993 

Wild Spartan #1: Chapzo99

Wild Spartan #2: Knikeo

Wild Spartan #3: tatatiu13

Wild Spartan #4: xdrivemax

Wild Spartan #5: ThePonyMix

Wild Spartan #6: Ariel1

Wild Spartan #7: FireFenix76

Wild Spartan #8: Mrunknown194

Wild Spartan #9: Jario

Wild Spartan #10: Voltraxer1

Wild Spartan #11: LuisSlipknot1207

Wild Spartan #12: SpartaRemixMadness1

Wild Spartan #13: GuiyiiLindsay0709 

Wild Spartan #14: KingSpartaX37

Wild Spartan #15: TehX97Spartan

Wild Spartan #16: CesarLopez666

Wild Spartan #17: zozey1231

Wild Spartan #18: TheLuigifan007/JVids24 (ALT Teh24thSpartan)

Wild Spartan #19: Luigifan641

Wild Spartan #20: ZombiesMurderer

Wild Spartan #21: MyLandmasterAlt2

Wild Spartan #22: metaknight2011

Wild Spartan #23: AoneAtwoAthree2 (account was exchanged to AoneAtwoAthree2Bro but not in)

Wild Spartan #24: ytpingashispano

Wild Spartan #25: ribiagio98

Wild Spartan #26: rcTigger95213

Wild Spartan #27: TheDLonYT

Wild Spartan #28: 1000fff

Wild Spartan #29: TheThenano1

Wild Spartan #30: TvTronix99

Teh Final Wild Spartan: MaaxiiSTyLe


  • All of the Wild Spartan members have a number tag (except for Aduburyus)
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