YoungMusic44 (aka GenericSR or GenericSpartaRemixer is an Australian Sparta Remixer and YTPMVer with Chinese and Malay blood.

So far, he has made 20 or so Sparta Remixes, 5 Sparta bases and 14 YTPMVs.


YoungMusic started to contribute to Sparta Remix on October 2013 with the "I like Trains" Sparta remix, which was heavily based off Biohazard434's "Punch your face" Sparta remix. He then made another Sparta Remix about Creepypastas (inspired by TheEpicJwoo2000), which became his most popular video.

On December 2013, he made his first YTPMV, which used BFDI as a source and the overused BGM "Fasten Your Seatbelts. Shortly after, he went on a 3-week hiatus because of a trip to China.

After his return on Jan 2014, he noticed the vast amount of Sparta Remixes made during his leave. He has been progressively improving on Sparta Remixes and YTPMVs, but he takes longer to make them.

He made his most famous YTPMV "Take Inanimate Insanity and Land" in late Jan 2014. It was a stepping stone in his progress in YTPMV, but the video was half-decent, with missing parts and the volume being a thwart to the quality of the video. Nevertheless, he continued to make better YTPMVs of decent quality.

A while after "Take Inanimate Insanity and Land", he made his first instrumental base in Audition CS6, named "Sparta Roblox Remix". His first base in FL Studio was the "Sparta Typical Base", made a while before the Roblox base.

He has joined a few Sparta remix and YTPMV collabs.

Nowadays he makes YTPMVs on his "YoungMusic44" channel and his Sparta remixes are on his alternate account, "GenericSpartaRemixer".

Favourite People

  • HundebLeonidasX
  • ialex
  • Prof. Jayston
  • Hazard Ryussei
  • Jai Man
  • Alex
  • Aduburyus (obviously)
  • The22nd
  • LeFrenchSpartan
  • MaaxiiSTyLe / Max
  • Pekseh
  • Rumpg46691
  • Jario
  • Vince
  • and more


  • Sparta Party All Night Remix (mashup)
  • Sparta Typical Remix
  • Sparta Roblox Remix
  • Sparta Craziness Remix
  • Sparta Skycastle YE Remix
  • Sparta 8-bit ViscountSpartaX37's Creations Remix
  • Sparta HighSpeed YE Remix (mashup)
  • Sparta Craziness V2 Remix
  • Sparta ModPlug Remix (Made in OpenMPT)
  • Sparta Algid Remix (Sparta Base Contest Winner)
  • Upcoming chiptune remakes of Endurance and Deraidos-Style bases


  • He is 18
  • His B-day is on the 9th of February
  • He wishes to get into the YTPMV community.
  • His IRL name is Young. (i srsly mean it)
  • He isn't good at finding pitch samples.
  • He uses cross-fading for pitch sampling.
  • He will only use Melodyne for YTPMVs, if he gets it
  • He once went to Italy (but all he did was eat pizza)
  • He speaks English, Chinese and a bit of Italian
  • He recently has become obsessed with Inanimate Insanity
  • Like many people, he satirizes the stupid part of the Sparta Community
  • He makes bad jokes
  • He has become a Homestuck fanboy
  • He likes Countryballs/Polandball (referred by the Sparta Remix skype chat groups as a "countryballs fetish"