Zozey1231 (known as "Zozey", "PoyoyoAero") is a Canadian Sparta remixer, hailing from British Columbia. They have been on YouTube for almost eight years, and have been making Sparta remixes on-and-off for five. They are known to have an affinity for trains, Kirby, MLP:FiM, and Team Fortress 2.


FLUTTERRAGE Sparta Zozey Edition Madhouse Remix-0

FLUTTERRAGE Sparta Zozey Edition Madhouse Remix-0

One of their most popular sparta remixes.

Zozey started on Youtube in November 2006. Their first videos were nonsensical Movie Maker/MSPaint animations of air raid sirens doing silly things, known as "Random Siren Insanity". These videos were a hit with the younger members of the YouTube siren fandom community, and their channel started to gain traction.

Their first Sparta remixes were made with Movie Maker. Other users often praised their skill with the inferior software - even though the timing wasn't exactly perfect, they tried their hardest to stick to the rythmn and the correct patterns, unlike most other WMM remixers.

After leaving the Youtube siren fandom out of exasperation, they finally switched to Sony Vegas in mid-late 2009. Since then, they have been steadily improving their skills and tactics. Since starting out, Zozey has made almost 30 Sparta remixes, and several custom bases. They broke the 2,000-subscriber mark in late 2013, which has continued to grow slowly but surely. Lately, they've been mixing in other types of video content - namely live gaming commentary and railfanning videos - to lend their channel some variety and broaden their demographic some.

They came back in 2017 to collab with Alex and Phantom RMW on the Valise Base and to share unreleased bases. It is unknown when Zozey will come again.

As of November 16th 2019, Zozey's channel was permanently removed out of impulse, but they later made a video talking about their decision.[1] Every base of them is archived, along with FL Studio project bases, but the majority of their videos between 2011-2015 will never appear ever again unless they've been salvaged by somebody. A few days later, a person named So1 reuploaded all remixes that he could save from Zozey on the sparta remix archive channel named TehSpartaArchive. They can all be accessed here.

Custom bases

Zozey has made several Sparta bases in varying styles, using Acoustica Mixcraft (MX), Sony Vegas (SV) and FL Studio (FL).


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